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Air NZ's last jumbo flies away this week

Air New Zealand's last Jumbo jet is due to make its last passenger flight from Auckland on Wednesday. The 16-year-old Boeing 747-400 will fly to San Francisco and return two days later. ( Plus d'info...

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Roger Hallett 2
One of my most memorable flights was in this baby from Auckland to LHR via LAX (NZ2). Sitting up there in the extended bubble in Premium Economy was just heaven on earth - well, at 38,000 feet anyway. I hope she goes to a good home.
Martin Haisman 2
My late Father in law, wife and family came back to Australia on the first 747 to Australasia . Willie, an avionics and airframe engineer, installed the navigation systems in the 747's and headed the team to save weight on the 747. Sad to see the beginning of the end of the 747's. At least ZK-NBV has a few cycles yet to go, so winder who is the beneficiary of a well maintained aeroplane?
Martin Haisman 1
... wonder who...
Alf Goddard 2
I will miss them in the skies. They were wonderful aircrafts. I have flown in them and they were smooth and a good ride. I have photos taken with that aircraft.. Thanks.
They were a great plane sorry to see it go, but the 787-9 should be another great plane it will make the perth run exciting.
andrew walker 1
My first long haul flight was with Air NZ from LAX. Best airline I have ever flown with in one of their 747s. You just didn't know you were up in the air, you were at home!!!
cyril teed 0
I remember when Air New Zealand introduced the 747's with the upper deck. They used it as the restaurant for first class passengers. Meals were served at tables - just like a top restaurant! Very civilised!
Flying NZ / London put down in some exotic locations!

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