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Australia Says MH370 'May Have Turned South Earlier Than Thought'

The hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will focus on the southern part of the existing search zone after a new clue to the plane's possible location emerged, Australia said on Thursday. Fresh information suggested the jet "may have turned south" earlier than thought, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said. ( More...

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Jeffrey Babey 1
I'm so sorry for your loss. That is very sad.
Jim Lynch 1
Hmmm... nearly six months later, and the Brains Trust in the search finally has a new idea. But this will depend on IF the crew turned the satphone ON before takeoff - and if a renegade crew (or hijackers) forgot to turn it OFF during the flight.

If I make a call on a satphone and nobody answers there will be evidence of where the person I am calling may be - but only as long as the device is turned on. Like a cellphone, if the device is turned off it is not communicating with anyone, and the last location available will be where I last turned it off.

Here is another "new idea" with some real logic: No question an aircraft that size would have broken up on impact with water. The fragmentation would have been spectacularly worse if it has run out of fuel on autopilot and just fallen in from altitude.

But so far not one shred of wreckage, personal effects, IDs, baggage or anything else that even MIGHT have come from MH370 has appeared on a beach ANYWHERE.

If Inmarsat was wrong just on the direction of the plane, it would be deep in Russian territory now, whether crashed or parked, not in the Indian Ocean. The other, northern, end of that Inmarsat arc would have passed over the Taklimakan Desert and terminated near Tashkent in South Kazakhstan.

Which begs the question of whether anyone has been reviewing that northern path using satellite imagery? An aircraft and 239 people disappear, and the ONLY area being searched is a speck of the eastern Indian Ocean?


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