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The Big Picture: NASA's electric plane achieves vertical takeoff

While EVs like the Tesla Model S and Renovo Coupe gain steam here on the ground, engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center are taking electric propulsion technology to new heights. ( Plus d'info...

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Diana Rose 1
Isn't it rather redundant?
Nick Hesler 1
Problem i see with that plane is that is has far to many propellers.
Craig Lewis 1
Waste of a lot of dam money, I would not ride that even if it were Beyonce. O_o
NASA must have too big a budget.
Bernie20910 1
With all the benefits we've gotten from the space program over the last half century is that even possible? IMHO you could never make NASA's budget "too big"
Not denying NASA's successes. But all budgets are too big or we wouldn't be 17 tril in debt and purchasing Russian rocket motors. Just saying.
Bernie20910 0
I'm not making any sense out of what you're saying... You're claiming that NASA's budget is too big if they're buying Russian rocket motors? The opposite seems true to me. Their budget is so reduced they can't afford to make their own anymore.
I stand by my comment about ALL budgets. If you are impressed with the electric airplane then you got your tax $ worth. I would rather have our own rocket engines and not be held captive by the Russians. Everyone has their own sense of priorities. Right now mine is to go golfing and drink a beer!

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