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Air India plane grounded in Delhi as rats run riot, sent for fumigation

An Air India aircraft had to be grounded on Monday evening due to the presence of a large number of unwelcome guests who posed a serious threat to the plane — scores of rats. The crew observed many rats running around in the rear half of the aircraft cabin. ( Plus d'info...

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sparkie624 7
LOL.. I remember a long time ago on a 727 we had a mouse that maintenance could not find, and always came out in flight.. Written up every day for an entire month.. Electronic Demouser's and Mouse traps did not work (guess he was hearing impaired). One night when the plane was coming in for an over night one of the mechanics who owned a farm brought in his old Momma Cat that watched over the barn and put her in the plane... Checked on her a couple hours later and she had the mouse and showed it off to everyone...

Log Book Signoff: "Installed Cat onto aircraft, cat removed mouse IAW standard felion procedures. Removed cat from aircraft, aircraft ok for service"

No other mouse was ever reported back on that aircraft again...
sharon bias 1
Very interested in how one "installed cat". Unless I have wet food, my cat doesn't do a darn thing I want. He did, however, drop an 18 inch snake in my lap one evening, every much alive. I ended up having to lock the cat in the bathroom for 2 hours while I hid the snake in the yard. That put paid on the "kitty door". Now I inspect the mouth before any of my 4 legged family members come inside.
sparkie624 1
LOL... this was an outdoor female who was already a very accomplished hunter.... It was natural to her... Females in the animal world are much better hunters than the males because they have to feed their young...
canuck44 1
Unfortunately that is becoming the norm in US society.
Are rats sacred in India??
canuck44 4
No...New York.
canuck44 1
Imagine what that aircraft will smell like after a few of them crawl into inaccessible spaces to die and the aircraft sits in the tropical heat for a day or two. At least in the old days, it could be flown and the air changed over, but recirculation has removed that option.
Jeff Lawson 3
Spring loaded rat traps seem like a better option than fumigation then, to avoid leaving carcasses out of reach...
joel wiley 1
They'll have to flush the air out to get rid of the fumigants anyway. Wonder what the labels say about re-entry interval for the treated location.
canuck44 2
Alternatively....more curry.
Esteban Marin 1
Are these the same people complaining about every possible aspect of the 787?
BaronG58 1
The movie will be out soon "Rats On A Plane"
sparkie624 1
I am sure it will be more realistic than "Snakes On A Plane"... LOL
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Yes may be , based on real life story .
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
When recession hits , all are welcome aboard !
No ?
"A universal phenomenon."
Tuna Tony 1
No Air India for me...EVER...dumbasses!
Richard Judy 0
yet another reason I won't fly Air India...or even go to India for that matter
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
Good decision. We are much better off without people who carry hatred in their hearts..
We welcome those with love in their hearts. e
What does AI's problem have to do with the country???
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Rats ground Air India plane

An Air India flight has been grounded after rats were reportedly spotted scurrying about the aircraft. Crew members noticed the "scores" of rodents as flight AI021 landed at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport from Calcutta, the Times of India reported.

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