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Who wants to be in the Airline business in Australia?

A day after Qantas announced a first half loss of $A252 million, Virgin Australia's C.E.O. John Borghetti has announced a first half loss of $A82 million for his company. ( Plus d'info...

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bighugh 1
Correction - the amount of Virgin Australia's announced loss is $A84.5 million.
Interesting how they only count the major carriers here (read: VOZ and QFA). It would be better to also know how well Tiger and REX are doing compared to say, QantasLink and SkyWest.
Wayne Jeffrey 1
Tiger is part of Virgin now so their results would be amongst Virgins. Rex on the other hand have seen a massive fall in profits over the last 12 months, but are still operating in the black.
Eric Crone 1
What will strike action achieve other than accelerate the job retrenchments and plunge QF further into crisis. Time for the Unions (as tough as it is and I'm not totally unsympathetic) to face up to and accept the contemporary global realities of the airline industry.
robert wylie 1
there is some business sense to sell a seat at the cheapest viable cost price and at a loss to gain market share, while the public have a short term gain they loose in the long term as the airline goes belly up, Ansett all over again.

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