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American Drops Bereavement Fares

American Airlines, which merged with US Airways last December to form the world’s largest airline, announced it was discontinuing bereavement fares . The special rates were lower, non-advertised fares for travelers who had to buy a ticket at the last minute due to the death in the family.... ( Plus d'info...

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Daniel Baker 7
The discounts have not been anything significant in a long time. United, for example, only offers a 5% discount off the base fare (not counting surcharges).
preacher1 1
During my 4 years in the trucking business, I had to set up 2 or 3 of these things for drivers that were out. Personally, they were a royal pain and not much, if any savings. This was not only on AA but a couple others as well.
Years ago when my grandfather died - I used my fathers frequent flier miles on the bereavement rate to fly to the funeral. Well, I am the third. At a lay over it took me quite a while to explain how it was I was using my own frequent flier miles, as a guest, on a bereavement rate to go to my own funeral.
preacher1 1
If memory is serving correct, you got the discount off the highest fare, whether there were any unsold economy seats or not so it did not amount to much anyway. In times past, they would put you in the lowest cost seat actually available and then discount that, I guess til some bean counter came across it.
matt jensen 1
DAL sold me a F ticket for my Uncle's funeral at the Y rate.
joel wiley 7
At first read of the headline, I thought 'lowered' fares. Silly me.`
Next, they will be ineligible for AAdvantage mileage credits probably.
Great PR work!
James Driskell 9
Nothing is too good for the flying public, and that's what they get; Nothing!!
steve rogers 7
LGM118 6
I foresee this blowing up in American Airlines' face due to angry people posting stories onto the internet. In the internet era, companies more or less have to treat these things like landmines - any time you piss off a customer, there's the risk that customer will turn it into an internet meme.
CaptainFreedom 7
and the discount granted is quite trivial, so is it really worth the hassle and bad press?
jebode 5
This is why US airlines for the most part suck. I needed a bereavement fare to Germany a few years back right before Christmas and Lufthansa got me to my grandmother's funeral on 12/17 for $800. No US airline even came close.
matt jensen 1
Most foreign carriers will do that. Now that AAL and USA have merged, USA will not offer anymore "funeral deals" even tho they carry most of the caskets out of FL to BOS, IAD, EWR.
James Carlson 2
It certainly seems like a poor public relations decision to do this. But, on the other hand, the airlines themselves still shine with customer friendliness when compared to others in the travel industry. All I have to do is think of my experiences with Hertz, and AA's self-defeating move seem much less significant.
I was an AA Executive Platinum frequent flier for more than 10 years, until the day my father passed away. I rushed to the airport in NYC that day to try to catch the next flight out to meet with my mother and family! SURPRISE, AA told me the only way to get me out in a flight was paying a First Class ticket, which I had to take for obvious reasons; they didn't care about my situation at all. When I boarded the 2 flights (as I had to connect in DFW) both flights had Economy empty seats! Those were the last 2 flights I ever took again with AA, more than 3 years ago.
Then, airlines question frequent flyer loyalty!
matt jensen 1
Sorry for your loss. It's the main reason we quit all FF programs.
Thanks Matt.
Cactus732 3
I suspect that these fares have fallen victim to abuse. As always with good things, there are those few who have to spoil them for the rest of us.
Dorothy Dean 2
Delta offers the fares. No hassles when my Dad died suddenly. Delta is my choice for ALL other travel. Last October I chose Delta over AA for a long international flight. I will certainly keep doing that.
Consider how badly we will be treated when all the mergers leave us with 5 airlines.
Well that is the result of merging with one of the worst airlines (US Air) and now being run by a CEO that doesn't give a dawn about their customers.
It will blow up into their face and when an ineffective CEO leaves for doing a poor job they get still a compensation.

What is happening to a once great airline.
Another reason not to fly American...
E.R. Graham 1
When I started calling airlines for bereavement fares they were quoting 600.00 denver to chicago. sad to say but we had a good idea when Mom was gonna go so I had some time to hook up with a buddy pass and got to chicago for 60 bucks. 600.00 - that's just rape. Hey, its a confirmed butt in the seat.. the prices need to be much lower still
bees31ballard 1
What a slap in the face for the flying public who are the revenue stream for these executive idiots who make these decisoins. Wonder how they get home when they have a close relative pass away. For free no doubt. All the public asks for is a break on a last minute flight. geeez. Do these airlines have anyone in a rolle thinking about public perception or what it is to do the right thing. My grandmom taught me to always treat others like you want to be treated. None of these fools do anything of the sort.
saso792 0
Maybe I'm missing something here but I don't see why we should expect a company to give us a price break due to a death in the family. There is no price break for the ambulance ride to the hospital where they died, the hospital doesn't give a price break when someone dies, the doctor doesn't give a price break when their patient dies, Macy's and Calvin Klein don't give a price break for the deceased person's suit or for ours for the funeral, you don't get a price break for the rental car, the funeral home doesn't give a price break when someone dies, the restaurant doesn't give you a price break and on and on......, why would we expect one from an airline.

We don't have to be there right now when someone dies, it is a little late to be in a hurry at that point. We aren't going to embalm them when we get there so what's the hurry? They sure aren't going anywhere...

Just a different view of the subject. And no, I don't work there.
ken young 0
I wish those who use air travel would get it through their heads that air carriers do not care about their paying passengers.
In fact, Airlines and Cable Tv Companies run neck and neck for the lousiest customer service.
Bill Sortino -1
Corporatism cares for no man, woman or child. Nor does it ever care about service as we have seen over and over again with delay, cancelled and very late flights! Since American outsources its plane maintenance to Mexico, maybe the day will come when they have to rely on those folks for their money.
Kent Thompson 4
It's called Capitalism
Dorothy Dean 2
Unrestrained capitalism. Even Adam Smith wrote that capitalism needed regulations. He did not say what kind but he did say it.
AA61hvy 0
The discount was terrible when my wife used the fare.
Donald Poorman -1
This sounds more plausible than the article above about discontinuing pressurization on flights, but it is, nonetheless, still just as asinine!!!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Who care what your sister-in-law makes...stop already.

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