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Pentagon Report Faults F-35 On Software, Reliability

The latest report by the Pentagon's chief weapons tester ... provides a detailed critique of the F-35's technical challenges, and focuses heavily on what it calls the "unacceptable" performance of the plane's software, according to a 25-page draft obtained by Reuters. ( Plus d'info...

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CaptainFreedom 4
Yikes. Isn't this fighter the end product of a consortium of NATO countries? Collaboration does not appear to have worked so well. This may be why Canada is considering the Super Hornet as an alternative to the F-35. Perhaps we should resurrect the CF-105 Avro Arrow :)
Remember, a camel is a horse designed by a committee..... :)
Chris Dierking 3
As unfortunate as it would be for the thousands who have worked on this project, it should have been cancelled a long time ago. It has become such a money pig and quite frankly, I think Lockheed is trying to make it too advanced that it is causing more problems then it's worth. Re-design the Harrier and keep the F/A-18 / F-15 / F-16 / and A-10
bighoss81 3
My cousin was a engineer for this project for a while. He said its going nowhere fast because they tried to fit to much into one jet. He also said that communication among the designers was not good. He also thinks even if they do figure it out it sill will lack in maneuverability.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Lockheed has done an excellent job of political engineering on this project. There are so many compnents spread out amongst many congressional districts, that no one really wants to cancel it.
I've had the opportunity to talk w/ Dr. Gilmore a number of times. He's one of the least popular guys in the Pentagon. After all, he always brings bad news. And this is operational T&E. The developmental T&E guys are even less popular. If anyone needs an example of why early and thorough T&E is important, here it is.
Tom Pera 1
selected in 2001...first production roll out 2006... 7 friggin' years?? and still not right? by the time it reaches our combat units China, Russia, etc will be ready for it... fire everyone involved in this circle jerk... damn!

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