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United Set For First Flight With New Split Scimitar Winglets

On Tuesday, United is set to fly the first passenger 737-800 flight with Split Scimitar Winglets, the latest generation of fuel saving wing tip devices. United flight 1655 will depart Los Angeles at 07:12am and arrive in San Francisco about an hour later. ( Plus d'info...

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Ric Wernicke 6
Whenever I see winglets I am reminded why cowboys always turn up the sides of their hats.

So they can fit three in a pickup.
Lerabougris 11
Can't someone do something about these bogus posts, advertisements no one cares about?! I don't give a hoot about some schmuck allegedly making zillions on a laptop. Stop polluting this site you !@&$/((!!!!!
sparkie624 2
When ever you see those, put a thumbs down vote beside of it, when it hits -10 it will not show by default. Also send message to I send them everytime I see one.
sparkie624 1
note the "[This comment has been downvoted." message below. They have been marked out because of 10 negatives.
ccthorp 2
Whew! There for a moment I thought you were talking about MINE! Just hit report and the spam will taken care of... for a while.
James Walth 1
sparkie624 1
Please read my post below... We can... Simply down vote them with the thumbs down.
jeff slack 0
There is a link below each post that says; 'REPORT', if you are annoyed offended in any way,use the option, dont bleat.
sparkie624 4
WOW... Looks VERY nice. I'm impressed
ccthorp 4
United has not flown their first passenger plane outfitted with split scimitar winglets today in regular operations. The airline confirmed that the airplane was was recently taken in to have the winglets removed following flight testing. Regular blended winglets were then re-installed. The split scimitar versions are expected to be installed into the fleet in February of 2014, following full FAA certification.
Zach Katona 1
If you think about it, Airbus and Boeing pretty much traded designs for their new winglets. Airbus originally had an above and below wing rake design and Boeing had something very similar to sharklets lol.
John Anderson 1
Unfortunately it is not just this site that has idiots. Every site that has comments allow them and it is very difficult to get them removed even when you report

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