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Logan ATCer prevents a tragedy

Sharp eyes and exceptionally good instincts averted a disaster at Boston's Logan International by a Cirrus attempting to land on a taxiway. Kudos to a man who did his job extraordinarily well. ( Plus d'info...

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Bravo Zulu award to this guy.
Kyle Doyon 6
Has anyone found it on liveatc?
LiveATC Archives are kept for 30 days.
egnilk66 1
Bump. I am interested to hear it, too!
Tony Long 6
I know from all my hours in the air that the average Joe doesn't fully grasp the amount of responsibility ATC has for our safety. Bravo Zulu indeed!
sparkie624 5
Good to see someone recognized for doing a good job... Can't imagine from the tower view how he saw at night he was not lined up...
blucenturion 5
Nunzio, you're really great. Congratulations. I have 21 years FAA ATC, and am retired, I salute you.
Musketeer1 3
It's hard to even see taxiway blue on final at night approaching an instrument runway like that. I mean you have lead ins, rabbits, reils, centerline lights, tdz lights, and more. Props to the controller but I hope the pilots certificate is in a FSDO shredder somewhere.
preacher1 7
I can't see how that wrong lineup could be done either, but as you say, kudos to the controller and the feds need to look the Cirrus driver over real good.
CaptainFreedom 2
lol taxiways at major airports are about as wide as some of the landing strips that GA pilots are accustomed to, however.....landing 'between the blues' might be an indicator that you are really messed up :).....agree with Preacher on this one.
Tomoch 1
The guy could be color blind, that's not a disqualifier, is it?

Coming in on a hazy morning into the sun as a student pilot on solo, I was lined up for the parallel taxiway down to about 1/4 mile. I realized my mistake and sidestepped over and landed without a problem, but it was a definite learning experience I will never forget!
Grant Baker 1
It is. You will have a "No Night Flight" restriction on your medical until you can prove (if you can) that you can see colors. I experienced this during my flight training.
MultiComm 3
I haven't been on final for a large airport like Boston. But living and flying around Atlanta sometimes those lights are set so low that the blues are much brighter. Still the color should warn the incoming pilot. Glad we have an alert controller to save the day.
Credit where credit is due! Nice work
Philip Martin 2
Absolutely amazing. Well done!
tom duff 2
Amazing. Very well done!
egnilk66 2
Bernard Kuzava 2
This is an amazing observation given the extraordinary circumstances. Can't imagine the extent of the disastrous outcome if the Cirrus had landed and ran into the Jet Blue 75.
Marcus Pradel 1
It would buff right off..
Steve Williams 1
It might need a little compound.
Chris Bryant 3
Great job! That's why there will always be humans in the equation.
Jad Khoriaty 1
Although it's a human that avoided the collision, it is also a human that caused it... Not taking away credit from the controller at all, he did an extraordinary job but software will not make mistakes like the one that the Cirrus pilot did...
John Ramsey 1
I'm sure the Boston controller would insist he was just doing his job.
He's typical of ATC staff worldwide.Cool,calm & in total control.
jetpilot87 1
Was is 4L at Logan?
John Blair 1
Amazing awareness (and eyesight). Great to see an ATC totally focussed with finger on the pulse and whatever that coffee was he says he may have been drinking, put it in every tower! Well done!
M V Rao 1

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