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A Classic Mr. Bean Video

Watch Mr. Bean entertaining a young child on board of a British Airways Boeing 737 ( Plus d'info...

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Jim Quinn 4
One of my favorite Mr. Bean episodes! I'd forgotten about the ending--it's been a few years since I saw this clip--until he started looking for the barf bag. Excuse me. I meant the "air discomfort container". Back some years ago I remember taking a flight on Braniff Airways after their 'rebirth'. The barf bag was dual-purpose. It could be used as the barf bag, OR a mailer to have your film processed. I often wondered just how many bags of puke arrived at the film processing plant! Hah! Unfortunately I've just dated myself....
Ric Wernicke 3
I wish they had that seat pitch on todays 737's.

I loved the life vest spiel in those days.

"Because this flight operates over water each seat has been equipped with a life vest. It is located in a pouch under the seat. You may reach down and feel your pouch, but don't take it out unless instructed by a crew member."

Yes ma'am!
Chris Buckett 1
Love This
bjaygarber 1
Mr. Bean is very funny!!!

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