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Blue Angels, military outreach back on

The Pentagon on Friday said it will reinstate the Navy’s Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds flying teams, port visits, service weeks and band appearances, but at 45 percent of what the public outreach effort used to be.......The Navy will return the Blue Angels and the Leap Frogs parachute team to their full schedules, said Lt. Cmdr. Courtney Hillson, a Navy spokeswoman at the Pentagon. ( Plus d'info...

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Funny how life went on thru sequestration and gov shutdown.
Bout time. And how many millions were lost on the air shows that had to cancel, leaving local businesses and show participants holding the sequestration bag?
Musketeer1 1
Less than the millions it costs in tax dollars to provide the shows. That being said I love the Blue Angels.
Air shows pump about $1.5 billion into the economy
Musketeer1 2
If our defense budget was right-sized to about 20% we would save around 540 billion a year. If they can find a way to keep the Angels and T-birds flying with that, then by all means.

Perhaps if they are the sole reason for that large of a revenue they could begin to charge for their performances to offset the tax need?

This country is on the brink of complete failure and we need to feel serious pain for a decade or two to get back on track. Sucks, but it's the truth.
PhotoFinish 1
They should find an unnecessary pork barrel military project (or 20) to cut, so that Blue Angels and Thunderbirds can keep making some appearances at key events.
Robert Black 3
I agree wholehertedly. What a bone-headed move it was in the first place. And don't just blame the Republicans. It takes two to tango, and our Constitution's division of power expects cooperation among adversaries.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Isn't that insulting?
Roland Dent 2
I thought the term "military outreach" referred to the draft! Well, the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels have always been patriotic favorites, it is good to have them for the public to view and be proud of. Some of their taxpayer dollars can entertain them. Realistically, though ... imagine having to pay the bill for a typical air show?! no wonder the Defence Department wants to trim the costs a little ...
bjaygarber 1
very good!!!
ccthorp 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Blue Angels returning to air with full 2014 lineup

After the Navy canceled most of the Blue Angels' 2013 air shows to save money, the flight demonstration squadron has announced it will return to the skies next year. Federal budget cuts known as sequestration grounded the Blue Angels starting in April and saved more than $20 million. But the Pentagon said its latest cuts will save more without again keeping the Blues or the Air Force Thunderbirds from flying.
ncpilot -1
One of the things that hussein obama deemed had to be stopped so he could go on another vacation. Is anybody else getting tired of him? He doesn't care what effect it all has on America as long as it hurts America and lets him live high on our backs.
I guess you didn't hear. It was all the fault of the republican infidels. The leader of the country had nothing to do with it.
Robert Black 1
See my comment above.
Jason Feldman 1
The way I see it, the american public have a right to see what all our money is being spent on. It is our tax dollars that paid for these machines and organizations, and we should be able to see what machines we paid to protect us, and to show us what they can do - millions of us love the noise many call the "sound of freedom"-

Its a shame that these technologies are always used for weapons, wouldn't it be nice if we had such machines just to do it... just so show that it can be done and not because we need to defend ourselves and kill.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a tree-hugger, nor am I with green peace, but the other day I was telling a mother of a student in a flight school that I wanted to be a fighter pilot more than anything. And that I was devastated when my dream did not come true, but that in retrospect I am glad that I never had to push a button and release a 2000 lb. bomb on a building full of people - no matter who the target was - I am glad I never killed anyone.

DONT GET ME WRONG - I know the job must be done, and that my tax dollars are used to kill as well, and that by plaything them I am indirectly dropping that bomb anyway - but I still am glad its not me that has to be the one who pushed the button. Maybe its just my way to get over the huge disappointment of not being a fighter pilot... but then again maybe I would have felt that way anyway.

I wanted to be a fighter pilot, not a ground attack pilot. When I said fighter pilot I envisioned an old fashioned dogfight like in world war 2, or the movie Top Gun or Iron Eagle.. but thats not what fighter jets are doing anyway = the F22 will kill from long distance, and everything is missiles now, not guns (usually)

Anyway, I want to see these planes - I want to dream of being a fighter pilot if only for a day, see what is possible and show the kids what they can do if they put their minds to it.
ncpilot 0
Iron Eagle? What a waste of film.
Jason Feldman 1
Not to a pre-teen who wants to be a pilot when he grows up. To me that film was amazing...... up until I saw it as an adult. But such is the case with many movies. It had F16's, music by Queen, explosions, whats not to like...

But even a pre-teen can't stomach the Iron Eagle sequels - they stunk worse than a dead skunk in a hot humid dumpster filled with vomi..... you know what, I am sure you get the point, no need to finish that sentence.

But seriously, turn down the volume and just enjoy watching an F16 flying around a bit... sure, as an adult hearing the idiotic concept of a heydes bomb, or rearming mid flight, or taking over a military base with firecrackers is idiotic.. but when you are young you are willing to look the other way.

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