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Pentagon Probes Russian Helicopter Deals

The Pentagon has opened a criminal investigation of an Army aviation unit that awarded tens of millions of dollars worth of contracts to Russian and U.S. firms for maintenance and overhaul of Russian-made helicopters, according to people familiar with the matter. ( Plus d'info...

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Harold Foster 4
We'll be fighting against those same helicopters in a couple years... probably the same helo's the afghans were so happy to shoot down with stingers provided by uncle sam during their last go-round with the rooskies.
Roland Dent -1
Taking bribes is common east of Prague...WTF is going on..this is the USA FGS!
Ric Wernicke 4
What is wrong here? The Pentagon should buy all their supplies including bottled water and chop suey from American suppliers. We don't need investigations, we need perp walks.

Afghans are said to have asked for the Russian because they are built like tanks. And fly like one two. Give them an afternoon with a Jettie, and they will be sporting "Bell" stickers on their helmets.
Roland Dent 1
"as well as possible personal connections between members of the Army unit and the contractors" Why the hell don't they file charges? WTF is going on in the Pentagon?
PhotoFinish 1

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