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New 737 BBJ non-stop from LA to Auckland in 13h

"When we left Los Angeles with full fuel, we were 21,000 pounds below our Maximum Takeoff Weight. This means that the customer can add a full VIP interior, fill all the seats and still carry full fuel and have remarkable range - something our competitor with the same class business jet simply cannot do non-stop," said Taylor. (www.marketwatch.com) Plus d'info...

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Ok, I'm sold. Have the Boeing sales rep call me.lol
tim mitchell 1
I'll take two...one all black with gold strips and the other gold with black strips...lol
Er.A.K. Mittal 3
Great news for prospective buyers of Private Jets , as well as interior designers alike .
Roland Dent 2
The money here will be made in direct flights to industrial centres in China. New Zealand will play no part in the success of this machine. Brilliant move by Boeing.
Harold Litiku 1
This may be true but the article mentions that the reason for the flight was to have interior fitting done. They did not argue that NZ is the new bizjet hub.
Roland Dent 1
I see...thanks for that.
Andy Tyler 2
Too bad the amount of fuel you need to fill a BBJ on this flight costs half my yearly salary haha
If you're Samsung, can't have a jet fast enough to fly Apple i-phones around the world to be "looked" at...
Austin Cabral 1
A full VIP interior.... includes more space per passenger?
Roland Dent 1
Oh yeah king size beds..lounges..bath tubs. Full screen cinemas...just like a huge RV.
Paul Slonaker 1
Well...looks like I am going to have to go out and collect more from my vending machines so I can get me one of these. Who wants to go half-ees??
I'm in. Money shouldn't be a problem since the US taxpayer backed EX IM bank routinely lends money to third world wannabe airlines to buy Boeings lending a couple hundred mil to some good ol' boys is no step. lol
Michel B. 1
Taylor statement is wrong because A 737 full of VIP will be called a commercial flight under FAA rules so this will require an ETOPS Flight plan way different than the direct flight made by the BBJ. Adding more people in the aircraft will add more weight so more fuel to travel the same distance. For a 12 hours flight will require more foods and more drinks, again more weight.
tim mitchell 1
but who is going to carry 21000 extra lbs of food and people on a business trip????? you could could carry enough for a month for everyone on the plane and still come short of 21000 lbs
9hundy 0
your wrong actually.
THE Historic DC3 of the jet age

[This poster has been suspended.]

honza nl 3
yes, that's why Airbus doesn't sell any plane and Boeings never crash. I guess you didn't study at Harvard ?
Daniel Baker 1

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