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American Airlines, US Airways Merger Talks Start

The companies said Friday they signed legal documents allowing them to confidentially exchange information. But a deal is still far from reality. (apnews.myway.com) Plus d'info...

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Meanwhile, British Airways just signed an NDA to look at AAL's books, indicating it may want a stake in AAL.

sparkie624 2
My Condolences to AMR.
preacher1 2
BA is just interested if it adds value. This will get real interesting before it's over with.
Merging two of the world's worst airlines will create what? An airline with no employees or passengers!
Kira Andreola 1
My favorite paint job on passenger jets (or lack there of) would have to be the polished skin of AA's birds. Looks just beautiful against a cloudy sky. I would be quite sad if that were to be changed.
sparkie624 1
Sorry AMR... Been through the USAir mergers... Not a good thing.
Tyler Tashji 1
I heard that US Airways is gonna keep AA's livery, name, and move their HQ to Ft. Worth, Texas.
preacher1 1
That's what Parker says. That tells me he's desparate
toolguy105 1
Wow is this a deal that is going to be far lower than heavenly for both passengers and employees of both Airlines. Even if the AA name and livery survive the merger, U.S. Air's management style ranks up there with that of the now defunct Northwest Airlines.
preacher1 1
That is an understatement. Parker is just trying to cover his butt but I personally think if there is a way for Tom Horton to bring it out independent, he will. Personally, if BA comes in for a 25% stake, it will be better for all and give AMR a cash infusion that would be put to good use.
toolguy105 1
I agree. AA and BA already code share, letting BA invest is the next step and I believe as you do the right step for the airline, its employees and the flying public. U S Air will one day be absorbed into another airline. Possibly Alaska or Hawaiian when either is ready to grow. My bet is Hawaiian when they decide to grow onto the mainland.

If I were doing the planning I would merge or take over U. S. Air into Hawaiian, give up the European routes in exchange for the more lucrative Pacific Rim markets which Hawaiian is already growing. This to me is a much better fit for both airlines. Just saying.
preacher1 1
That is all good thinking and a very viable solution. Problem with it is that it would require some common sense and logic to make it all happen and those 2 things are in real short supply these days.
Hmmm ... a combo American US Airways logo or BA American logo .. sounds interesting

[This poster has been suspended.]

preacher1 3
I still think that Horton will try and bring it out independent, especially if BA comes in with a 25% stake, BUT, Parker says in the story that if US and AA do merge that the AA livery will prevail.
JD345 3
I don't think it makes any sense from any angle to bury the AA brand for the US brand - wiht the rep US has, getting in on the AA brand could be the best thing ever to happen to that airline.
Ivan Levy-Hara 0
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An American merger with US Airways “no big deal” for Miami

Friday, American and US Airways announced they formally are discussing a long-rumored merger. Meanwhile, British Airways may also be seeking a deal with Miami’s largest airline.

layman85 0
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Another hurdle removed in the AMR/US Airways merger

AA and US airways merger gets the blessing of the respective FA unions...

Ethan Pressl 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

American, US Airways One Step Closer to Merger

American Airlines and US Airways are one step closer to a potential merger.

Ethan Pressl 0
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American, US Airways, British Air in merger talks

American, US Airways, British Air in merger talks.


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