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Piper Arrow lands on San Diego Interstate

Piper runs out of fuel enroute to Carlsbad and ditches on interstate Sunday night, no injuries. Only damage to plane was due to Dodge pickup clipping wingtip. ( Plus d'info...

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Short of fuel loss somehow, I fail to understand how fuel exhaustion keeps happening. Your range is determined by time, not distance flown. If you have 5 hours of range and you're running at 4 hours and 30 minutes, perhaps you should consider finding a place to land...just a thought.
Steve Joyce 1
A Piper Arrow with 4 people and gear onboard won't hold enough fuel to make that 280 mile flight and still be within weight and balance. Most likely had a case of "get there idis". 11pm on a Sunday night, needed to get home from vacation in order to make it to work on Monday morning. Didn't want to make a 45 min fuel stop which would have made his arrival even later. At that point you start running numbers through you mind and you convince yourself you can make it. In this case he came up 9 miles short of the runway but luckily survived. That's not usually the case in these situations....
tim mitchell 1
9 miles.....just close enough to see the lights and start patting himself on the back
preacher1 1
and about that time the engine goes S-P-U-T-T-T-E-R then POOT
tim mitchell 2
how to safely remove it???? Call a's not a twin or anything bigger
preacher1 3
Fix the wing and fly it
tim mitchell 2
I know exactly where you are going with that
Seasoned pilot huh???
Justin Tadlock 2
looks like he didn't Dodge the plane
steven meyer 2
Fuel Mismanagement is always the pilots fault-a big No-No. But, that being said....he made an excellent landing choice..and were it not for the idiot in the car- there would have been no damage at all.
Paul Claxon 2
Let's see, 1hr on R-tank, switch tanks, 1hr on L-tank, etc, etc, ! lol
QuickBurn 2
Second time something like this has happened here within a week. A couple days ago, a homebuilt Europa out of SEE seized an engine and landed on 67, 2 or 3 miles from the airport..
Paul Claxon 2
Ran out of fuel ? The only time you have too much fuel is when you are on fire!
Paul Claxon 2
Ran out of gas ? The only time you have too much gas is when you are on fire ! lol
Damn Dodges. They think they own the road! Lol
Jason Pereira 2
Either the pilot really did a poor job planning this flight and the fuel calculation or the aircraft had a fuel leak. Either way this is totally Pilot Error!
larry clement 1
I'm not advocating flying over-weight, but a lot more pilots have crashed running out of fuel than because they were a few pounds over gross.If his family won't fly with him next time, he will have plenty of buffer for more fuel.
Scott Adair 1
VFR flight out of Mammoth Lakes in a 1968 Piper Arrow at approximately 10:00 in the evening???
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Pane Lands on highway

A 1968 Piper lands on a southern California highway

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