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New York senators often use taxpayer-financed air charters

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is following in the footsteps -- or more accurately, the flight path -- of New York's senior senator from Brooklyn. ( Plus d'info...

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Eric Graham 4
You gotta admit. We who monitor this website are airplane crazy. And even though it is expensive for these guys to go GA, without them GA would disappear. At least it is not like the fiasco in Vegas with the GSA. The access to small airports does allow them to see more of their consitutents in a more efficient manner. AS LONG AS THEY ARE DOING OFFICIAL BUSINESS!!!.
Mike Barbato 2
I don't have much of a problem with it as long as it's for official business and is the best transportation option. I have a problem with government people who do this, then turn around and blast private sector people for doing the same.
JD345 2
I'm not defending this in particular but people get a little carried away with this populist stuff sometimes.

Plenty of people in Washington are charlatans, no doubt -- but not all of them are. There's plenty of representatives that you'll never hear from if you're not near their district that are NOT bazillionaires and actually have to quit real-life jobs to run and upon winning have to decide whether they want to keep their house and fly back and forth regularly and be ostracized for wasting money and spending too much time at home when they should be doing their job in Washington, or sell their house and move to the ridiculously expensive Beltway to be ostracized for being out of touch with their constituents.
Ric Wernicke 3
Even if it is legal to charter flights, there is a word for these two Senators. Thief.
This I know from working in G.A. for 20 years, there are a lot of flights these people get that are donated by party supporters and aircraft owners.As to whether they can be used for tax purposes or not I don't know but I know I have seen them take a representive and fly them around to multiple cities and at great expense.And I might add at great expense to the aircraft owner.
Note.My reply was not to the two Senators but in regards to the elected officials in general.
Matthew Holota 1
living in a state where we pay upwards of $.70+ cents on a gallon of gas, and largely in debt, crooks like this are the reason why. There's no reason why they cannot fly commercially, and have their daily "quicky" complements of the TSA.
richard weiss 0
Since I'm a resident of New York State, I've seen these two senators in action. The most dangerous place on earth is between them and a news camera. Schumer and Gillibrand are more interested in self promotion, campaign fund raising, and re-election. My question would be, if they attended fund raisers during the time they were using taxpayer dollars for transportation, they are in violation of Congressional Ethics rules. Of course, rules have never stopped any politician from shafting the taxpayers
They have made these elected positions into careers. Term limits should exist. Otherwise they spend all their time and your money on re-election instead of solving problems. That is why the country is in this shape. Answers to most problems are simple, but not always popular with all the voters. That is why we get no solutions to the existing problems.

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