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Are pilot layovers full of intrigue?

My wife and I enjoy the new prime-time soap “Pan Am,” but we noticed that the crews on the show seems to have an awful lot of time on layovers to go sightseeing and get mixed up with affairs and intrigue in foreign capitals. I know that television takes some liberties with reality, but do airline crews really have much time during layovers in, say, Paris, Madrid, London and Berlin? Sometimes, yes, though some airlines intentionally separate their crews, with pilots staying in one hotel and… ( Plus d'info...

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mark tufts 0
David Sims 0
I know at least at our airport, crew overnights consist of about 4-5 hours at the Best Western.
pfp217 0
that's the one off of I35? Ha, we stayed there when my son's hockey team played a team in MCW.
Amy Dillon 0
I don't think anyone would enjoy the job nearly as much if they didn't have fun on their layovers! And separate hotels never stops people from getting together!
keith peers 0
The pan am tv is not true.
Gene spanos 0
Having worked an airport town [ full of airline people ] they enjoyed the parties.
As for the drunken UAL pilot that never made it to the AP that morning - we save some souls as well that day too.
Justin Bradley 0
Like all jobs, seems to me that it becomes what you make it. In the article the author observes that some folks prefer to lounge by the pool for days at a time, while others go see what they can, while they can. To each their while I wouldn't call it "intrigue", I'm sure one could have all sorts of "fun" in far off lands!
pfp217 0
I've only seen about 3 episodes but my first thought they're awefully overdramatic about this whole thing" that show takes it a little overboard in the drama department..if it was realistic it wouldn't be good for ratings.
agg1930 0
too bad they just made it for TV audiences that do not know beans about the real jobs of the airline crews. It really has nothing to do with real life. It is made for the ratings only. Sightseeing and partying gets old very quickly after a few years. I flew on PANAM in the old dyas and after seeing the first episode, gave it up.
keith peers 0
Agg1930. That is true thanks.

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