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JetBlue looks to cash in on 'Carmageddon'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Business owners touted promotions Wednesday aimed at cashing in on the upcoming closure of part of heavily traveled Interstate 405, while city officials sought to assure the public t . . . (flightaware.com) Plus d'info...

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Robert Fleming 0
Thank goodness I live in N. California....no extra-ordinary worrying for me!
Richard Judy 0
Thank goodness I live in West Virginia...no traffic to speak of (and I've been to CA a few times)
Robert Sudock 0
Thank goodness I'm retired or I'd be flying GA LGB-SMO.

One thing the article left out was that LAX passenger and cargo access are adjacent to the western edge of I-405. In fact, the perimeter fence surrounding the South complex approach lighting system is about 800 feet west of the freeway.

Oh the humanity!
Pa Thomas 0
The absolutely most overhyped story in years.
WeatherWise 0
God forbid if any common sense should come into play.
Just stay off the $@*! freeway!
This has been media hyped for months so if you can't schedule your hectic life to avoid the 405 that weekend, you need help...
Let's see -- Drive to BUR. Park car, take shuttle to terminal, arriving at lesst 1 hour prior to flight. Go through TSA grope, board plane (If on time), suffer through ground delays, take off and be vectored all over S. Cal., land at LGB. Taxi to gate (If available), deplane and find way to destination. Taxi = Big bucks. Rental car = Big bucks and another shuttle ride. Are you serious??

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