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Tulsa Museum Works to Inspire Young Women in Aviation

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is fundraising to support its next exhibit, “Women in Aviation.” The exhibit will feature women from the beginning of the age of flight, to the present day. ( More...

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Rico van Dijk 5
Funny how they self-create the gender discrimination they are want to fight.

Why not promote based on talent and motivation instead of discriminating girls only?
Bayouflier 1
Thank you.
tbeid970 0
I didn't see where the exhibit was discriminating against anyone. It appeared to be just highlighting the many accomplished female aviators over the years. Back when I was flying in the Young Eagle program and young girls would ask "Can girls be pilots?", you could understand why these exhibits are important.
Scott Wiggins -1
Sorry, I disagree. Feminism has destroyed male female pair bonding in my opinion. And why discriminate? That's how we got ESG/DEI which is destroying our society from the inside out. I remember in the mid 90s or so, United hired a female with 300 hours if my memory serves correctly. They did that when military pilots with thousands of hours couldn't get an interview. That's discrimination which is okay against white males I guess.
Scott Wiggins -2
Yep, EAA is pushing hard at discriminating against white males too. There’s a lesbian in every crowd teaching girls to be men.


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