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First long-haul flight fully powered by sustainable aviation fuel takes off

LONDON — The first trans-Atlantic flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel departed London for New York on Tuesday as the industry seeks to prove the viability of greener air travel. Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 is burning a blend of 88% waste fats supplied by AirBP, and 12% synthetic aromatic kerosene made from plant sugars. Test flight VIR100, which is not carrying paying passengers, departed London’s Heathrow Airport for New York JFK at 11:49 a.m. U.K. time (6:49 a.m. ET), according to… ( More...

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linbb -2
So far nothing has changed from the first use of food or feed stocks to make the stuff. That can cause problems with feed and food production land being taken out of service for this fuel. Also it takes as much fuel no matter the type to get it start to finish in the airliner tank as it makes. That is just some of the problems the other is distribution of it to the user which will take a supply chain that uses more of either it or regular fuel. So the short answer is nothing is to be gained by using it.
djames225 4
Do you even bother reading any of the articles or just see a headline and jump in? " 88% waste fats" IE the old oil used to cook your McDonalds french fries in. "12% synthetic aromatic kerosene made from plant sugars." IE using the by product product of producing corn syrup etc
Ever considered how much fuel is used to distil oil into fuels?


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