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FlightAware launches integrated map solutions

Integrated Maps Solutions gives an easy path to integrate the map experience of FlightAware flight stories into customer's digital properties, an upgrade from legacy iFrame solutions. FlightAware has launched a comprehensive suite of highly customisable integrated flight map and status solutions. Integrated Maps Solutions easily fuses flight tracking visualisations for individual flights into any website or application. Users can now combine airborne and surface aircraft movement against a… ( More...

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jacqwayne 5
I wish that FlightAware, or someone, would come up with a way where I could track my luggage.
Cathy Coneway 5
Put an apple air tag in your luggage.
I agree with Cathy Coneway, Apple AirTag, I use it all the tine
Sandra Frump 2
Delta does. Give you an alert when your bags are on the plane. Just sign up for it.


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