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Analysis: Could Ukraine rebuild the iconic An-225 Myria?

KYIV, UKRAINE — When Russia launched a massive military campaign against Ukraine in the early hours of February 24, the Antonov An-225, the world's largest aircraft, was under regular maintenance at Hostomel Airport near Kyiv. At that time, Antonov's engineers and technicians were in a rush to make the giant freighter ready to fly to a safer place. But they were late. ( More...

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sparkie624 16
I am sure they will... It is almost a must for the countries Moral regardless of what the cost is. The A/C also provides a much needed world wide service that is needed. With a Total Rebuild, would be a great time to Modernize the Onboard Electronics as well. Only thing I would do different other than upgraded avionics would be to remove the Russian Space Shuttle Mounts.
linbb 1
I would assume that Myria got the same updated western avionics and such just as the smaller heavy life AC got years back. That was when the USA and andd Russia got along some what better. I dont know about the flight instruments other than integrating them into the existing ones. Some dont read the same as any others and mis reading has cause some crashes with pilots used to the Russian way they resd.
rbt schaffer 14
After watching them whoop Russia's butt and still export 15% of the world's grain supply, seems they are capable of most anything they set their minds to.
srobak 2
especially when the US pays for it!
21voyageur 12
All idle chat at this time as Ukraine has to win a war first before ever considering applying costs to such an endeavor.

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Joe Keifer 11
No they won't rebuild it. They will re-engineer a new and better one.
patrick baker 18
i might like to see the tools and plans go somewhere safe in the west. Perhaps Airbus could do a great civic good by helping duplicate that most magnificent aircraft. The assembly line for A380 is vacant for the moment. What a wonderful rebuild this would be. While they are at it, build another one while the line is being utilized. The magnificent Myra would be a flying middle finger to Putin and his pals.
SorenTwin 3
Airbus has no interest in something that will not be profitable for them. They've made this clear time and time again over the past 15 years.
JW Wilson 8
I doubt they could successfully and efficiently rebuild the damaged airframe, but they can use whatever parts survived and could complete the 2nd airframe that is partially built. As an aside, I do wonder how much of a weight penalty there would be if the damaged airframe was rebuilt.
linbb 2
Rebuild is kind of a moving target with AC small and large some have been rebuilt by literally fabricating all new parts. So yes it could, would it take longer than just building a whol new airframe? Thats up to every who decides to take on the job.
lynx318 1
Last I heard it is going to be a completely new aircraft the other airframe is now so out of date that to modify it to use new avionics and modern mechanicals would mean cutting up over half of it anyway.
linbb 0
Rebuild is kind of a moving target with AC small and large some have been rebuilt by literally fabricating all new parts. So yes it could, would it take longer than just building a whol new airframe? Thats up to every who decides to take on the job.
Joseph Vignolo 8
There are more important things in Ukraine that will need to be rebuilt first before the An-225. Higher priorities would be housing, hospitals, schools, factories, transportation and energy infrastructure. After all these essential things are taken care of then the world can think about rebuilding the An-225.
w2bsa 3
The more important things need money to be rebuilt. Antonov is one of the Ukrainian companies that brought lots of revenue to Ukraine and the AN-225 was one of the big revenue sources. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are building a replacement for the 225 now.
JW Wilson 4
I doubt they could rebuild the damaged airframe, but they can use whatever parts survived and complete the 2nd airframe that is partially built. I do wonder how much of a weight penalty there would be if the damaged airframe was rebuilt.
lynx318 1
The design is now near 35>40 years old, I doubt they could modify the 2nd frame to meet current standards. More economical to start fresh.
Chris B 3
I'm sure Lockheed could be persuaded to work with them. The Pentagon would probably love to have a super heavy lifter in its fleet.
Greg S 3
It would be great to see the exact same aircraft with the exact same engines. However, they could probably make a lower operating cost aircraft by using 4 modern engines, say GEnx, versus 6 of the old Progress engines. Of course that would raise the cost of building the aircraft and delay it because new engines require new analysis of structural and aerodynamic factors.
SFOBro 3
You know the Russians did that partly out of spite. Of course, I can understand that they wouldn't want it available to fly and support the Ukraine, but they could just take out the airstrip to make her dormant. I'm guessing the russians will never want to use her for anything after they rebuild, they made that clear. But one of the biggest disasters in airline history in my opinion. She really was a dream. I guess that's what war is really about, just breaking down everyone around you with your hate.
AAaviator 4
That is hardly a priority right now! I'm sickened by the 10's of billion$ that are officially unaccounted for, but unofficially spirited out of the country, lining the pockets of oligarchs, buying mansions in other countries for the connected elite, and diverted to other non-wartime uses. I was a huge supporter of Zelensky early on, but I have since come to learn that corruption runs deep throughout Ukraine history, and it wasn't about to change overnight simply because they had a charismatic leader who would stand up to Putin. I can;t say that he's a charlatan, but he is a hustler, and he knows how to wage a propaganda offensive, and seduce millions of Americans into writing a sympathetic blank check for all kinds of purposes. Defeating Putin is made to appear as the highest purpose (if not the only purpose) for juicing billions from Americans, when in reality, the stated goal of "defeating Putin" serves as is simply the emotional leverage that has American suckers holding their purses open. I say screw the Myria (for now). It is not a useful asset for the type of war they are fighting. Win the war first. Deal with the corruption to a measurable degree, rebuild the post war infrastructure, get the economic engines turning, and then maybe revisit the Myria project.
SFOBro 2
Fortunately there is absolutely no corruption in America's government.
AAaviator 3
And therefore.... what?? That is such an absurd and useless point of view. Although ironically, it is exactly because of the corruption in America (mainly 3 letter agencies and the WH) that the funneling of U.S. billions to OTHER THAN direct war fighting costs has taken place. And now the WH has asked for an additional $37B, on top of the $50-67B already sent over? I said 50-67B because we don't know the exact number, so pick whatever $X-billions suits your beliefs and narrative. Demands for audits have been rebuffed, rejected, and dismissed. You gotta ask yourself, why?
James Patterson 1
Ah, yes. Therefore we should ignore corruption in governments we are giving money to. Not that I agree with AAviator's comment, but your comment is utterly irrelevant.
John Yarno 1
I think I know where they could snag some engineers if they need them...
John Yarno 1
Well if they need them, I think I know where some experienced engineers can e located...
Better a new and renovated model.
Jackson Stackpole 1
Becuase of the current events, i think that they can, it just might be delayed. The AN225 Is huge so it takes a while let alone the war.
沈 炜 1


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