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Is Antonov Airlines Moving to Germany?

This is why mega carrier Antonov Airlines (ADB) is working towards securing a new base in Leipzig, Germany. ( Plus d'info...

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patrick baker 12
no question of the wisdom of this move. It grants access far better and permits future operations.
sparkie624 8
Sounds like a good idea... Wish they had thought of it a lot earlier!
WhiteKnight77 4
Having 2 runways allows for increased operations for the airport. This is a logical choice for them. And the local area is a great place to visit and if interested in classical music, it is where Bach was born and lived.
Ron Slater 3
The move sounds like a win win, however I wonder how difficult it will be to get parts for the aircraft now and in the future
sparkie624 2
My guess is that in the rebuild that they will have to do a lot of upgrades, and if anything, I think that they will build back better.... Maybe even be CAT III where prior they were not, so some stations they could not go to, and if the weather was not decent, that could prove catastrophic as I doubt there are many airports that can really handle a plane of that size,
John Yarno 2
This sounds like a very logical move. It would seem they can not return to their old home port anyway. Spare parts would seem to be the major hurdle, and that would be almost anywhere they moved to.

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