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British Airways pilots suing the airline because of injuries sustained by looking at a security camera

A group of British Airways pilots are suing the airline because they claim they have sustained neck and spinal injuries by being forced to constantly twist around in the cockpit to look at a security camera monitor. The surveillance system was introduced to British Airways aircraft after 9/11 and it allows pilots to make sure only cabin crew are attempting to gain access to the flight deck. The door can only be unlocked from inside the flight deck. ( Plus d'info...

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Highflyer1950 3
We used to have a mirror under the glare shield to peek behind us! Later years & equipment we just had the camera wired to the third FMS, easy stuff.
Alan Winn 1
you are so right, if there is a will, there is a way!
wx1996 3
If a pilot cannot turn their neck and back to look behind their seat why are they flying? If their health and physical shape is so poor how can they work an emergency and reach back for the fire extinguisher?

It should be possible to move the display to something forward. Maybe even place the display on the flight crew tablet. The control would have to stay standalone for security reasons.
linbb 2
What a bunch of BS they need to get a life what is next? Just fly the damn airplane and do your job. How often do they have to do it anyway. Let them go back to seats out of a DC6 to sit in.
Roy Hunte 1
Kadear, poor soft neck.
coinflyer 0
Ever heard of a rear view mirror, guys? Take a makeup mirror and velcro it to a suitable spot. Or just leave your cockpit door unlocked and take your chances.
Ed Kostiuk 0
Now this one got me laughing. Years ago I was asked to write a safety article on the Airlines concerning Exist aisles and folks who just wanted the legroom v actually having knowledge of exiting an aircraft during an emergency.

I was blasted by the EU folks who claimed only in America can we sue for ridiculous things and that such trivial lawsuits would never happen in the EU. I guess those trivial lawsuit lawyers finally settled across the pond.

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