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Boeing readies for Japan-related disruptions

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Boeing Co. and other aircraft builders are preparing for a possible gaps in their supply chains as Japan rights itself from a devastating earthquake and tsunami that have left parts of the country’s manufacturing base disrupted. ( Plus d'info...

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John Casebeer 1
Gene and Paul. You are right on. When (if ever) will we get smart?
Gene Nowak 0
The whole concept of a global economy and outsourcing of jobs to other countries will only lead to additional chaos. Boeing is also a major supplier of military hardware. Has anyone "upstairs" at Boeing given thought to the possibility of going to war with a country who is the main supplier of say our missile guidance systems or bomber tail assemblies? Keep all of the parts and assembly points in the United States to insure quality control, a steady stream of components and on time delivery!

This is a stupid concept that should be stopped by all American companies before it does any more harm. I am glad to see in the article where Bell Helicopter, United Technologies and others are not as dumb. Furthermore, bringing those jobs back from overseas will greatly aid in strengthening our sagging economy by creating jobs here, where they are needed.
Paul Ahkolik 0
Gene, well-said. I seriously doubt I could've said it better!!!
skylloyd 0
Boeing still has in-house capability and with the suppliers shouldn't have any problems with part demand, other than contract issues..

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