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The cloud chaser: amateur weatherman snaps stunning pictures

Kris Dutson, 53, has spent ten years scouting out the ideal locations across Britain to capture the most astonishing atmospheric shots on his camera as rain falls. (photo series) (www.dailymail.co.uk) Plus d'info...

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TTail 1
NONE OF THAT CRAP ABOUT PHOTOSHOPPING A PICTURE FLIES HERE!! they are great pictures, and who in the hell cares if they were edited. i dont know what the original non edited pictures look like, but the ones that were posted in the article are PHREEKING AWESOME. all the whiners need to get a life, those were great pictures edit or no edit.
Robert Fleming 1
@Mike Roe-Don't you think that someone in Kris Dutson's profession might actually know what the hell he was doing and those pictures might actually NOT be enhanced? Give the guy the credit he deserves!
Lynn Fisk 1
Photoshop or not Who cares, They are AWESOME PIX and thank you for taking them and posting them even though they aren't airplanes they are still SO COOL............
Keith Meaden 1
I am a Dorset man and this is how I remember it. Thanks for the memories, Kris.
Tim Kenyon 0
There is a difference between using Photoshop to touch-up photos or enhance color saturation, but these photos are not just touched-up, they are outright constructs, containing images that were not - and could not have been - in the frame of the original photo. Pretty, but not a real example of photography. At best, a mediocre example of the artistry of Photoshop.
TTail 0
everyone uses PS. I AM IMPRESSED!!
Robert Fleming 0
Those are some phenominal pictures! GORGEOUS! great work Kris
Justin Bradley 0
Looks like most of those were shot in HDR (high dynamic range) which actually takes 3 images at different exposure compensations then blends them into 1 image. It's a technique to extract more detail from the very light and very dark areas of the frame. Once combined, the images appear sort of surreal at times, depending on how it was shot and how they were combined ("mixed") into one image. I for one love HDR, and so long as they are actually HDR and not more heavily Photoshopped, then I love these.
Casey Wilson 0
Phbbbbbt! These pix are magnificent.
I've been in photograpy for longer than most of you have lived, starting in 1953.
I manipulated the snot out of 90% of all photos that went into my then archaic darkroom. Now I manipulate 90% of all the photos I sell using PhotoShop.
What's the difference?
Karl Scribner 0
Terrific HDR photos and great examples of modern digital photography techniques.
You can believe me when I say that not one of those images, stunning as they may be, are not representative of the actual scene. I do this for a living, prof photography and Photoshop. That said, they are beautiful photo illistrations
Barry Freeman 1
The only one that I'd call "fake" is the moon shot. The rest are more like what the human eye and brain sees in real life, not what the film or image sensor records in it's limited range. So, in that sense I'd say they are "representative of the actual scene"!
John Cartlidge 1
A proffessional photographer that cant spell ILLUSTRATIONS????
dmaccarter 0
One of the benefits of digital age.......Pictures we would never have seen before it.....like these.
John Cartlidge 0
@Tim Kenyon
Why do you say that these images could not have been in frame in the original.?Are you familiar with these areas?I have loads of photos of the mountains of North Wales shrouded in clouds,with the sun shining.Lulworth Cove is a naturally beautiful place,its hard to take a bad photo there.And the 7 sisters are an awesome sight,.i have a very similar picture( taken from the same vantage point,but on a different angle as my desk top background.Not everyone use ps you know.
Daniel Baker 0
Absolutely remarkable.
Mike Roe -1
I wish the photographer would be honest, and say upfront that images have been photoshoped. Some of these obviously have been.
@Mike - It's pretty standard to do that; Photoshop has replaced the photographer's darkroom as the final step of photography prior to distribution or printing. I thought I recalled from the coffee table book [http://www.amazon.com/Creature-Andrew-Zuckerman/dp/0811861538/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1299587129&sr=1-1 Creature] by Andrew Zuckerman that each photo in the book was worked over for about a day in Photoshop, but I was unable to locate the quote with Google and Look Inside, after a couple minute's poking.
mark tufts 0
the guy should sell the photos as those are profecionial photos from an amatuwr photographer

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