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A US regional airline almost didn't have enough pilots to fly its planes because so many wanted to get vaccinated and travel demand has surged

Piedmont Airlines pilots were "discouraged" from getting the COVID-19 vaccine over the weekend. So many pilots wanted the vaccine that the airline wouldn't have had enough to cover flights. Pilots receiving the vaccine cannot fly for 48 hours after the injection per Federal Aviation Administration rules. A vaccination drive for aviation workers at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport created a major staffing issue for a major regional airline over the weekend. ( Plus d'info...

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Robert Cowling 15
Simple fix: Piedmont Airlines should have contacted a vaccine distributor, and brought them in to vaccinate their pilots, and schedule when people get the vaccine. They missed a chance to be proactive, and take their employees health concerns seriously. Missed that by a nautical mile...
paul trubits 2
Vaccination doesn't work that way. I dodged a bullet last Saturday. I flew on Piedmont from CLT to SBY. It wouldn't have been the first time that they screwed up my life.
Larry Toler 7
A friend of mine is having the same issue as a truck driver.
Surely, surely: Charlotte-Douglas airport announced their vaccination drive with sufficient advance warning for this little airline to look at its crew rostering? Please tell me this wasn't a last-minute thing?

FFS, this is the biggest threat/crisis to hit this planet since (insert suitable analogy here...) and vaccination has been a stunning success so far - to the point where, here in the UK, we are looking on in bemused wonderment at the European Union screwing up its vaccine logistics and cheering on the USA as you gear up.
ADXbear 6
Well boo-hoo.. too bad airlines.. the crews deserve to protect themselves... you clowns didn't think ahead and anticipate this. Its all part of trying.. trying to return to normal schedules.. the pax just need to understand.
John Prukop -1
Wait until all those flight crews get the JAB - and they start dying off like flies on your windshield! Maybe then you fools will wake up. As another poster stated farther below, you'd best be paying attention to the WARNINGS from Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and others. Remember, it's NOT a "vaccine" - it's an mRNA operating system loaded with nanoparticles, DARPA Hydrogel and Lucerfrase. See Dr. Carrie Madej, MD; Dr. Thomas S. Cowan, MD; Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD; and others on Bitchute and learn the truth. You get the JAB - you're screwed!
Pete48y -9
Dr tenpenny speaks on the experimental drug- it’s not good folks. Ckeck her out

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