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Boeing jet's throttle becomes focus in Indonesia Sriwijaya Air crash probe

Indonesian investigators probing the Jan 9 crash of a Sriwijaya Air flight are looking at the possibility that a malfunctioning automatic throttle could have led to the pilots losing control, according to a person familiar with the investigation. ( Plus d'info...

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Roy Hunte 5
Something tells me that a training plan should be rolled out soon....
patrick baker 2
this situation ought to have been in the training sylabus and practiced in simulator training. Both pilots ought to have been aware of performance indications and been coginzant enough to respond. Engine shutdown and single engine flight is rudimentary skill level work. This is not a blame-it-on Boeing accident.. Looks like pilot awareness flaws were exposed. I will, as we all should, wait for the facts to filter in. As i understand it at this stage, autothrottle excesses can be overcome through a simple shut down as precaution, as a first step. Other problems require further solutions on the spot.
George Schultenkamp 1
It's the same old story: Over-reliance on automation without appropriate skill levels for basic flying and lack of discernment when to disable automation and take over controls manually.

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