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FAA approves airport coronavirus screenings, paving way for first program to launch in Iowa

In Cedar Rapids, screeners from a local health-care group, Mercy Medical Center, will ask travelers questions about their health and potential exposure to the coronavirus, and also take their temperatures. The first step should take 10 seconds. Anyone who fails the initial screening will be subject to a second review, which Lenss said in a few weeks could include rapid testing. Those who seem sick would be urged not to travel and be referred back to their airline, which would make the final… ( More...

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James Boerman 8
Like I need another reason not to fly!
Jim Quinn 14
Today coronavirus. Tomorrow? Who knows?! What bugs me is that major decisions that affect every facet of our lives have been based upon fraudulent, faulty data, horrible testing methods, etc. for months, causing tremendous hardships in everyone's lives. No wonder faith in the CDC and the government has faded so sharply. Kneejerk reactions based upon bad data has propagated all kinds of BS mandates in every direction. I don't know another path this thing could have gone, and I'm not sure of the proper attack strategy. I do know that our economy and our lives have been changed forever by the Chinese virus.
Sidney Martin 1
All I have to say is Trump wanted to stop the inhumane slaughter of unborn babies while Hillary wanted women to be able to kill them!!! NOT #mybodymychoice, #theirbodyNOchoice. SAVE the innocent who have no choice.
Adrian Piers -9
Sorry Jim, it is the TRUMP VIRUS.

Obama left Donald the operating manual and he never bothered to read it before trying to fly the machine.

Are you surprised the USA crashed? You shouldn't be. Hillary warned you in 2016. And strangely everything she said turned out to be TRUE !!!
Dan Grelinger 6
The trolls are still at work!
Laughable, isn't it? It is NOT the Trump Virus. It is the "New World Order" Virus. The left hated Trump because he got in their way to do what they want, when they want. THe plandemic was not a coincidence. It was created and released to crush the world economy. And it has. Now we are all compliant, aren't we? And the NWO is getting exactly what they want.

One wonders how Germany fell so in the 1930's. Propaganda! Social Medial --MSM--reporting ONLy what they want you to know.

Wise up!!
Greg Dowd 7
A bad idea. Next they will ask for your political affiliation.
Dan Grelinger 2
Why does flight aware link to subscription services? Do they earn a commission if I subscribe to read the article that they linked me too?
k1121j 2
seemed sick? this swill be interesting
CapeCodder 2
The article states "In at least two cases, people have died of covid-19 aboard planes in the United States, and thousands are suspected of having been exposed to the novel coronavirus, the pathogen that causes the disease, during air travel."

The airlines tout that flying is safe and they release videos detailing all of the steps they take onboard the aircraft to disinfect the air and surfaces. If they are really doing those things then how are "thousands" of passengers still being exposed to the coronavirus during air travel?

Of course, the airlines require all passengers to wear masks onboard. They never adddress in their videos that passengers can't eat or drink while wearing masks yet they continue serving food and drinks.
Nathan Cox 2
If you don’t want to put yourself at risk, stay home. Let the rest of us that want and need to travel go about our business. Take a horse and buggy for all I care.
jetserf 1
There’s no way to tell if any of those who actually test positive later for coronavirus came into contact on the aircraft.
Regarding eating and drinking on the aircraft, the passenger safety videos may not be updated with relevant instructions but flight attendants do say masks should stay on unless eating and drinking or if the need arises to use the drop down chemical oxygen masks with a separate PA.
CapeCodder 2
The flight attendants serve food and drinks throughout the flight to most passengers which requires them to remove their masks while eating and drinking. Not all folks eat or drink at the same rate. I've seen people nurse a drink or nibble on food for up to an hour. The airlines have not imposed any type of time restrictions to eat or drink onboard. Just that you put the tray up prior to take off and landing. Many passengers also bring their own food and beverages onboard and begin eating prior to takeoff. This is exacerbated during longer flights when multiple meals and snacks are served. With hundreds of passengers onboard most of the mainstream flights at any given time the inevitable sneezes and coughs will occureven in the healthiest of times.

So, if the person next to you or behind you sneezes or coughs while they are eating or drinking there are also many other passengers throughout the cabin also not wearing masks because they’re eating and drinking too. All of which potentially exposes them to the virus from asymptomatic carriers. The airlines attempt to reassure passengers and prospective customers about how all passengers are required to wear masks onboard and how safe the cabin air is while ignoring the reality that onboard eating and drinking negates the precautions. If a person wanted to eat or drink slowly or continuously they could pretty much avoid wearing a mask for the majority of their time onboard.

It’s the weak link in the onboard safety chain during a pandemic.
Tim Dyck 3
I was surprised to see this article. The USA is way behind the rest of the world on airport screening, if you travel to other countries thes measured have been in place for months, in some over a year.
jetserf 2
My wife traveled to Germany last week. Other than a questionnaire there was no other screening, not even a temperature check.

Last month traveling through Lihue Hawaii our crew had to fill out 2 questionnaires(one digital and one paper), temperature checks on arrival and departure, and we were not allowed to leave the hotel grounds.
Dan Grelinger 4
Based upon what is reported to be happening, we seem much more interested in letting anyone into the country rather than protecting anyone.
Paul Miller 4
We do need to do something to get us all moving in the skies again ? and be safer doing so too.
Soon EVERYONE flying is going to have to take a Covid test at the airport. THe current CDC guideline is restrictive,too. Take the test prior to returning home AND quarantine upon return. Stop the madness!
holy smokes - good thing i do not use the airlines. If anyone thinks I have to answer their questions especially healthcare questions in an airport with health care people i do not know or have a contract with, they can go jump off a bridge. I think a good HIPAA lawsuit for the provider, airport and airlines is in order.
paul trubits -6
If you don't fly no one cares what you think.
Dan Grelinger 4
He didn't say he didn't fly. He said he doesn't use the airlines. Big difference to a thinking person. A non-thinking person doesn't know the difference.

Slightly adjusting your wise words... "If you don't think, no one cares what you think."
Cactus732 -2
Here in lies the problem, selfish unintelligent people put others at risk.
The problem is the low information voters that will not think for themselves. Your a shining example. Be sure to not leave your mom's basement, scary world out there, full of risk.
travistx 5
Thank you, my apologies for the typo.
Dan Grelinger 2
Best post I have read today, thank you!
wtwisniewski 1
I don't get how the aviation professionals who made and make air travel one of the safest activities you can do, care so little about putting lives in danger from the virus. The NTSB doesn't seem to care either about this SAFETY issue.
Dan Grelinger 0
I have found that when one can't believe that another is acting in a specific way, it is very probable because they have a lack of understanding of something. "It is always easier to solve a problem when you know nothing."

Perhaps the world is not, in reality, how it is fed to you by your media sources...
Billy Meeks -3
Brilliant! Bye, bye masks, hopefully.
skylab72 0
I'll keep it simple for you. Your rights end where my rights begin. I have a right to take any action I choose to avoid being infected by a known pathogen with a mortality rate I (and health-care professionals as well as the majority of my fellow citizens) find unacceptable. That includes NOT flying on airlines that do not test. The drop in their traffic has prompted said airlines to agree to steps to minimize the probability of transmission, including TESTING If you find the tests obtrusive you can, A) lobby for less obtrusive tests B) support the development and deployment of a less intrusive test, or C) stop flying. You do not have the right to ask me to fly with probable pathogen spreaders. I wish you the best of health, but my wishes do not mean much to a virus.
Dan Grelinger 2
With a small exception, a very reasonable post.

My only criticism is in your opening statement. "your rights end where my rights begin." That would indicate that in a conflict of rights, your rights always take precedence over another's. I don't think you really mean that, but perhaps you do, in which case I would humbly ask that you reconsider. We were all created with equal rights, weren't we?
skylab72 0
No, I do not mean to imply "a conflict of rights" I mean to explicitly highlight their mutual exclusivity. My "rights" are mine and only I decide which of them are the most important to me. Similarly, I assume your rights are yours, and in the huge majority of cases there will be no conflict. IF there is we can figure out a solution by treating one another civilly. Barring that I expect some governmental adjudication based on Law and Facts rooted in reality, not opinions based on industrial-grade misinformation and sociopathic politics.
Dan Grelinger 1
Thanks for the correction, this was a statement of a much more reasonable position.
John Prukop -2
FAA APPROVES? "Land of the FREE, Home of the BRAVE" has turned into Land of the FEE and Home of the SLAVE... together with the CoVid THOUGHT POLICE at the FAA! How do you like your FIRST 10-months of Corona Shrona Communism?

Looking back over the last 10-months, it's painfully obvious to informed truth seekers that statistical predictions from computer generated models were embarrassingly inaccurate. Lockdowns, social distancing, and oxygen reducing, bacterial causing masks never worked to reduce any illness - they only made people sicker! There was no science to prove that they would. The PCR test for “Covid-19” was totally faulty, but was used anyway for daily news stories of yet another “surge” in “cases” to justify continued restrictions. It's all been a roller-coaster of theatric lies!

A recent blog article by head eugenicist and global plantation population reduction man Bill Gates underscores the disconcerting reality that the same people who have manipulated the facts around the corona shrona pandemic and its unprecedented lockdowns, draconian masking and social isolation, intend the COVID scare to be but the “appetizer” for a whole battery of social engineering control measures they intend to implement across the entire planet.

A complicit media has so saturated people’s minds with their constant 24/7 social dominance corona campaign, they've put the vast majority into a complete state of FEAR and they have believed fraudsters like Fauci, Birx and Gates. Vigilant and well-coordinated censorship of dissenting viewpoints by “trusted” media outlets have conspired to keep the people in the dark about the truth of what's really going on. Unless you've sought out the truth through alternative news sites and used critical thinking skills with some investigative prowess, you've been conned into the false narrative along with the blind support of the masses not realizing that it's all been a cleverly conceived cover story for the real “emergency” – a systemic economic collapse which Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum calls a GLOBAL RESET. People have been herded like a flock of sheep toward the cliff, completely oblivious and unaware they were falling off the cliff on their way down into a bottomless pit, rewarded with a $600 "stimulus" check while the global corporations got BILLIONS!

Time to wake up! The GLOBAL RESET, a utopian dream of the international financial elite – the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the UN World Bank, and Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum. It will be digital currency to be completely controlled and distributed by these oligarchs with the cooperation of multi-national corporations through a “social credit” system as a part of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. This IS their plan and policy of “sustainable development” and “Global Health Security Agenda 2024.

CoVid and the VAX JAB is just a first step to set you up for Moderna's DARPA Hydrogel transhumanim nanotechnology and Artifical Intelligence so-called "vaccine" to connect to the 5G grid and your further demise on the way to Gate's global population reduction dream of six feet under!

The END GAME is total GLOBAL Communist/Marxist dominion. The Covid-19 Psychological Warfare CONstruct under the guise of a deadly viral pandemic, lockdowns and other draconian restrictions is to destroy jobs and small businesses in order to remove the ability for financial independence. As long as people have jobs and operate businesses, top-down economic control is possible. Unless they destroy the people’s ability to make a living as employees and entrepreneurs, their long-planned total economic control can never come about.

Hence, the politicized, Rockefeller-created allopathic “medical science” was imposed by the United Nations and its World Health Organization (WHO) through its “member countries” whom have ALL previously signed agreements relinquishing national sovereignty.

The scheme and plan toward total global economic control was set up by fraudulent medical science, fostered by national, State and local health departments, nurtured by the “trusted” FAKE news media, and enforced through police state tactics. Here in the USA, this was implemented under pretext of emergency powers and former President Trump’s National Health Security Strategy. We are STILL under that emergency!

In order to prop-up and cover-up the economic collapse and subsequent destruction for jobs and small businesses in particular, stimulus packages were doled out through a massive hypothecation infusion of $12-Trillion to keep more major corporations - like the airline travel industry - from complete, unrecoverable collapse. They are now just state-owned corporations that must dance to the tune of their global masters. Bottom line: there is NO mathematical solution to this debt crisis. We are off the edge of the cliff.

The powers-that-be are now in the process of foreclosing on every individual and their labor and property. But this process has been expanding for decades, ever since the PRIVATE Federal Reserve System started operations in 1913.

Without financial independence, we all become enslaved, including out children and their posterity. They will have no future and no freedom - unless these globalists are stopped in their tracks!

The plan is to keep us restricted through Rockefeller 'LOCK STEP' medical sorcery to try to force us to submit to whatever they tell us to do. Digital travel passes will further restrict your ability to travel or shop at a grocery store. No valid up-to-date health certificate? No "COVID PASS?" Then no commercial travel, no crossing national or maybe even State borders. Consider the ramifications of such a totalitarian reality. They're already tracking you with your Smart phone!

Time to get wise and not comply: NO MASK, NO TEST, NO JAB!
skylab72 0
And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the reason why the good old USA has consistently had either the highest or the second-highest infection percentages world-wide for the whole damn pandemic.
Sidney Martin 0
Or rigged testing
skylab72 0
Nobody is paying for rigged testing! It is much too easy just to lie about it.
Dan Grelinger -1
As you keep showing us by example! :-)
Dan Grelinger 0
You know, you'd be much more credible if you brought facts to the discussion. I've had to keep correcting your errors.

Currently, the good old USA is not first, not second, not even third in current infection rates (percentages). They are seventh. Just behind Luxemburg.

Or perhaps you believe the John Hopkins University and CNN are fascist organizations bent on conspiring to defeat the world...

Facts, please. Not exaggerations. Not wishful thinking. Not how you think the world should be. Not the bad that WANT to happen to others. Just the facts.
skylab72 0
WoW!? From the URL you provided:
In the USA Cases per thousand of the population are listed >7,712< (As of this typing). Highest ration ON THE PLANET.

Just the facts. And the sad truth is there are thousands of more cases that never get confirmed by a test because someone once in power thought that if you don't report the cases they don't count.
Dan Grelinger 0
Wow is right! I feed you the facts, and you still get them wrong! That's what happens when you close your mind shut very tight!

Correction number 4: USA Cases are 7712 per ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND population. NOT per thousand.

Correction number 5: The USA is NOT the highest ratio on the planet. (Hint: you have to sort by '...per 100K people' to get the real leaders on this planet.) When you do this very simple step, your open mind finds out that these countries lead the good old USA:

Andorra: 12,494 per 100K population
Gibraltar: 11940 per 100K population
Montenegro: 9526 per population
Czech Republic: 8875 per population
San Marino: 8609 per population
Luxemburg: 8023 per population

Just the facts? RIIIIIGHT. You go on living in your fantasy world where you don't have a clue and you keep feeding us all fake news!

From your last comment, it has become very obvious why the real facts don't matter to you anymore. It's TDS at work man! You have the disease!

We'll see if you're man enough to apologize, yet again, for your errors. ;-)
skylab72 0
Crickets? Really??? Is that all you got? You have to jump threads to defend someone else, with an Ad Hominem attack just because I responded to him before I turned to you?

I am surprised you did not catch my leaving out the "out" in the above sentence, “Commoners speak as freely as Americans, Lords must weigh their words carefully, and Royalty rarely speaks in public with <out> a script.” Keep up the good work.
Sidney Martin 3
Well, you gotta admit that Dan corrected your faulty data. As far as your assumption about fake testing, it appears that there are plenty of people who are willing to use this virus to scare others. I’m not out trolling for trolls, but if you insist, whatever. The GOVERNMENT will DEFINITELY work in OUR best interest. Right right.(brief display of my midwestern sarcasm)
skylab72 1
Oh Yeah. He is good at that.
Dan Grelinger 2
Thank you! I honestly take that as a compliment!

Bottom line: If your position is sound, you don't need to make up fake news to convince others of the reasonableness of your views. However, if you doubt your own views, you will feel the need to create fake news to justify your position. Your pride demands it!

Regardless of the incorrect assumptions you have made about me, I have stated no countering positions to yours. I have only challenged your veracity, which has been dismal.

BTW, I "jumped threads" only because you distributed the same fake news on multiple threads. As a defender of the real facts, I only responded where you had attempted to deceive.

And, as comments from other users demonstrate, they get it. Facts matter, honesty matters. If you don't appreciate being called out for fake news, then don't spread it.
skylab72 2
Believe it or not, the thought is-was meant to be complimentary.
The core of our agreement on anything rests on one thing:

Facts matter, honesty matters.

Dan Grelinger 1
Thank you. Another 'arrow-up"!
skylab72 0
I notice you do not deflect the conversation away from the ratio we attempted to discuss, >cases per hundred thousand< and in the intervening day our nation's caseload, per hundred thousand, has climbed past 7840. Still, a leading indicator going in the wrong direction.

But to your point, specifically the above table of entries with high ratios, consider for a moment that half of the list, specifically Andorra, Gibraltar, and San Morino, do not even have total populations over a hundred thousand. Comparing them to a nation that occupies roughly a third of a continent and whose population exceeds three hundred million seriously cripples any statistical significance. If you want to run on down that rabbit-hole, I suggest you do your comparisons between entities nearer that size, perhaps all the counties in each state of the USA. Have a look at Dade in Florida or Harris in Texas. Don’t bother with Denton Texas though, they still struggle to produce usable data much less statistics. I would be happy to slice and dice data with you, but as you can tell from how long it took me to get back to this, that would probably take longer than either of us has patience for.

But given your stated fondness for facts, let me leave you with one. With 4% of the people in the world, the USA has suffered OVER 25% of the world's deaths attributable to Cov19. Twist it anyway you want but if you aspire to leadership of the free world or have a GNP at or near the top of the developed world, THAT SUX!
We CAN do better and SHOULD do better! Time will tell.

Sorry if this is duplication for anyone, Sidney's post prompted me how few readers might actually flip-flop between threads.
Peter McGrath -2
So, this shouldn't delay travel too much! If you have an early morning business flight you'd best get to the airport by 2 or 3am at the latest to make your 6:00 flight! Wow, the insanity continues!
wtwisniewski -2
Yes, we need to stop flying. Aviation is/was one element in the accident chain that created the pandemic. If we truly shut down, including no multiple occupants inside enclosed spaces, and no fake essential workers, we can make the virus extinct and get on with our lives. It will take only a few weeks to eliminate it and then all our economies can get back on track.
To make a true shutdown realistic, the financial machinery has to shut down as well. No one should make money, owe money, or lose money while we shut down. Yes, I blame banks as another link in this accident chain.
Dan Grelinger 1
The source of human infection from this virus was one person. From one person, now to 96+ million total worldwide. Approximately 9 million worldwide have it now. And they need care. Do you believe that 'a few weeks' of total shutdown would eradicate EVERY virus infection? Does total shutdown mean that all hospitals are closed, so no one gets treatment? If not, then for the 1 million or so that need treatment in a health care setting, can you prevent every single case of virus transfer and infection? Do you realize that even one person infected at the end of those 'few weeks' could start the whole process all over again?

If you're being facetious, it was not very clear. If you weren't being facetious, then I would say very direction to you that what you suggest is a total baloney suggestion. And suggestions like that would lead to disaster if enough other idiots took it seriously.
wtwisniewski 0
Not being facetious at all. The countries that rid themselves of the virus proved that applying measures according to the reality of the virus, not political logic can lead to normal life.
Yes there are truly essential workers in hospitals, utilities, law enforcement, etc, but our fake shutdown had 60% of the workforce deemed essential. A true shutdown would halt the mutation of the virus, let vaccinations catch up so one person won't re-infect the world, and would let individual-based measures such as contact tracing and appropriate isolation keep outbreaks under control.
You can argue that politically this is wishful thinking - it may be. What we will get is a perpetual 'living-with-the-virus' that will impede the economy, kill off the weaker and unlucky people, and create a partial heard immunity. It will cost us much more in the long run. It will result in a perpetual fear of and reluctance to travel.
Dan Grelinger -1
Your comments are interesting, if for any reason but to figure out how grounded in reality they are. Example: How many "countries that rid themselves of the virus" are there? So I went to find out. Here they are:

Solomon Islands, Montserrat, Marshall Islands, Samoa, and Vanuatu. That's ALL!

And if you're suggesting that these countries rid themselves of COVID by implementing a hard shutdown, a little research will show that you're incorrect. The largest number of infections on this list was in the Solomon Islands, they have had 17 cases in entirety. Out of 670,000 people!

In reality, these 5 countries, the only countries that have rid themselves of the virus, were successful because they are islands, typically in the middle of God-forsaken nowhere, not because they did what you want everyone else to do.

Only uninformed tyrant-wanna-be know-it-all's would ever suggest doing what you're suggesting. It's not only wishful thinking, it is folly; huge real costs for little, if any, benefit. In other words, tyranny.
skylab72 1
Don't forget New Zealand...
Dan Grelinger -1
Yes, you can forget New Zealand. They have not rid themselves of COVID (which was the original assertion.) They had 2 new cases today. Therefore there is still risk of transmission to others. I keep having to correct you! :-)
skylab72 1
Two cases are minuscule. Even after several more days of >single< digit new cases their cases per HUNDRED thousand has six zeros after the decimal point before the first significant digit. Like it or not, they are doing something actually effective.

:) Yes, Dan I googled "New Zealand Population" and "New Zealand Covid Cases" and punched it into a calculator, BEFORE posting this time... :( As always feel free to check my veracity. :)
Dan Grelinger 0
Outside the context of the ridiculous suggestion by wtwisniewski, I agree with you. 2 cases is miniscule. And yes, they have been effective.

The context, however, is related to a suggestion that "If we truly shut down, including no multiple occupants inside enclosed spaces, and no fake essential workers, we can make the virus extinct and get on with our lives. It will take only a few weeks to eliminate it and then all our economies can get back on track."

The only way this makes any sense at all is if ALL INFECTIONS ARE ELIMINATED. As has been proven over and over again, ANY number of infections other than zero can cause future spread. Tens of millions of cases started with just the first case. This plan is ridiculous because it suggests that after 'just a few weeks' of shutdown, the virus is GONE, and we can all go back to our lives exactly like they were before the virus. Ridiculous and irresponsible suggestion.

If your comment was in the context of this thread, then a suggestion that New Zealand had "rid themselves of the virus" (wtwisniewski's words) is false. They still have cases, and therefore they still have a source of future infections. ANY sources of future infections render the suggested plan totally ineffective at ridding the world of the virus.
skylab72 1
Nope, I agree that now forward, there will be some form of Cv19 will roaming this planet as long as humans continue to.

The issue to me is net results.

The statistic that would be telling, if meaningful data could actually be gathered, would be "attributable mortality per capita in a time period". Maybe after living with it for a couple of years we will figure out how to reliably collect the raw data for that.
Dan Grelinger 0
Thanks for the response!

I look back to history in order to advise predictions of the future. How long did the Spanish Flu last? I found suggestions that the 'pandemic' lasted for 27 months. That leaves open the very real possibility that infections continued at some low rate for much longer.

However, the virus was eventually obliterated. I know this because several decades ago there were no 'living' examples of it to study. The corpses of victims buried in the permafrost in Alaska were dug up in an effort to gain samples of the virus, an effort that was successful, I believe.

Every year we have new flu viruses, and the old ones eventually disappear.

I will have to respectfully disagree with your prognosis on how long Covid-19 will plague us human beings. I believe that history, reason and facts suggest that it will run its course and, outside of lab samples, will go the way of all other viruses, to extinction.

I do wonder how it will be different than the Spanish Flu. There was no hope for a vaccination for that one, and I doubt that there were as major efforts to slow the spread as what we see today in response COVID. People also travelled less, and slower; no airlines. Some differences between today and 1918 suggest that COVID could spread faster and disappear more quickly, and some differences suggest that with a slower spread it could last longer.

I think in the end, the most reasonable rough estimate is that it will last about as long as the Spanish Flu. On the order of 2 years.
skylab72 1
Fair enough, I'm not going to argue epidemiology on an Aviation forum, suffice it to say, there are enough significant differences between Covid-1 Group viruses (progenitor Spanish Flu), and the Covid-2 Group viruses (progenitor Cv19) to make me question assuming high parallelism. But then you had the good sense to cover your ass with, "On the order of 2 years.", so with your net thrown from 10 weeks all the way out to 20 Years, you are absolutely correct. But...

This thread is about pre-emptive screening to reduce the transmission coefficient of a known and active viral threat whose mortality rates, while perhaps not an existential threat to the human race, are high enough to demand a response from any society advanced enough to meaningfully do so. I fail to see why the cost-benefit ratio of that option is not a slam-dunk, with the added benefit of providing free alerts for those most inconvenienced (screen failure) that they may need medical attention.


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