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European nations ban flights from UK to prevent coronavirus mutation from spreading to continent

Several European nations on Sunday banned flights from the United Kingdom to prevent a new strain of the coronavirus that is rapidly spreading across southern England from gaining traction on the continent. Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy and Ireland all announced restrictions on U.K. travel less than a week before Christmas. ( Plus d'info...

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Bob Kamman 3
You know it's bad when even Sweden doesn't want your travelers. On the other hand, this might be another example of failure to listen to scientists. As the NYT reports,

The estimate of greater transmissibility — British officials said the variant was as much as 70 percent more transmissible — is based on modeling and has not been confirmed in lab experiments, Dr. Cevik added.

“Over all, I think we need to have a little bit more experimental data,” she said. “We can’t entirely rule out the fact that some of this transmissibility data might be related to human behavior.”

In South Africa, too, scientists were quick to note that human behavior was driving the epidemic, not necessarily new mutations whose effect on transmissibility had yet to be quantified.
Wait, human behavior was spreading this? Hold on, this may be the same scenario with AIDS. I am not positive, another "human behavior" would be the weak and infirm dying, no?
Tom Pera 1
we still don't know what we're dealing with... gonna be a rough winter...
Um, those of us who actually work in a medical environment day to day (and have no desire to be on the news) know EXACTLY what we are dealing with here. Human mortality. I do however fee that we are WAY ahead of the curve with having rented refrigerated trailers for years for body storage. Oddly, in some (Dem run) states Funeral Homes are not "essential" nor are funerals. THAT is the backlog, not more deaths (fact is LESS people have died this year 2020 than in any of the past ten). Pesky facts.

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