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FAA Proposes Final Corrective Actions for The Boeing 737 MAX

The FAA has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM). Its purpose is to supersede the previous Airworthiness Directive (AD) applying to Boeing 737 MAX airplanes. ( Plus d'info...

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mbrews 2
Link to the actual FAA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for 737 MAX (PDF - 36 pages).
william baker 2
Ummm my question is why doesn’t this apply to the 737-7 Max?? The notice only states it applies to the 737-8 and 737-9 Max.
mbrews 1
Good question. I scanned thru the 36 pages. Looks like these mandates apply to the previously in-services MAXes forcibly grounded by FAA action many months ago. The rulemaking states what needs to happen so the grounded birds can fly again. There's also verbage in this rulemaking explaining that built-but-never-delivered MAXES will need to comply similarly, but under a different FAA document. To your question, FAA will likely handle 737-7 MAX requirements under its (active and pending) certification review
airuphere 1
Final four... only involves software, display, training oh and rewiring the aft wiring harness..
ADXbear 1
Has ANY pilots union endorsed flying the Max?.. nope.
Do pilots unions endorse ANY airplanes? Nope, why would they?
Rock Pinard 0
it is a shame to allow this piece of crap to return into the sky

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