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Chicago Weatherman Amazed by Thunderblizzard - 0:38

A good antidote to all the revolution coverage, guaranteed to change your mood. Note the assistant is wearing ski goggles...at night. lol. Remember folks, nothing beats enthusiasm in the workplace. ;) (www.liveleak.com) Plus d'info...

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Crazy weather, I woke up to that here in NH last night and it poured out as well, like we needed that on top of the 2+ feet we already have on the ground..lol
Dude thats crazy lol
justin martin 0
that happened in charlotte yesterday but we got rain intead so now it's gonna snow on my birthday thursday, hopefully
Ryan Pitt 0
Jim Cantore is not a Chicago Weatherman. He works for The Weather Channel which is based out of Atlanta Georgia.
Ed Berling 0
It was an interesting, and intense, blizzard. The thunder snow lasted about 15 minutes here in the suburbs of Chicago - this guy from the Weather Channel was in the middle of downtown on Michigan Avenue.
dave garcia 0
Same thing here around the Cape Cod area last night. Heavy rain and awsome thunder and lightning for a good 45 min.
Erika Amir 0
Hahaha, love it. The only people who pay more attention to the weather than pilots are meteorologists!
QuickBurn 0
Jim Cantore is the man.
Also, the "assistant" in the first shot is actually Mike Bettes, another meteorologist at TWC.

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