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JetBlue Is Blocking All Middle Seats Through Early July

Just before Memorial Day Weekend—traditionally one of the busiest weekends for airlines—JetBlue is launching new health and safety measures in the hopes of making would-be travelers feel more comfortable on its planes during the coronavirus outbreak. "Our hope is as shelter-in-place orders are lifted and states start opening up, that we do believe there’s going to be some pent up demand for some travel and JetBlue wants to be in a position to reassure customers when they are ready to travel… ( Plus d'info...

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LowOrbitTraveler01 2
I have written but have no reply comment regarding aircraft cabin air quality. The cabin air is bled from engines from the engine fan stages into the pressurization system. As a fuel saving measure a percentage of cabin air is recycled with recirculating fans before discharging overboard through the aircraft outflow valve. My point is to operate the pressurization system with the recirculation fans off. Air In, Air Out with no recycle of possible Corona spread. Recirc fans off procedure is provided in most Boeing aircraft manuals. Galley smoke from food is an example for turning off recirc fans.

Passenger masks are not practical for long flights in my opinion. Most cabins are around 5000 to 8000 feet altitude on longer flights. Wearing a N95 type mask naturally involves rebreathing some exhaled breath at the cabin higher than sea level. Perhaps some CO2 is rebreathed. Over a longer time a mask will become wet also making breathing labored.

Currently the masks are required. My choice is not to fly until no mask requirement. I understand the Jet Blue requirement. At least seats can be filled and passenger business travel can be completed.
mary susan watkins 1
well.i guess its worth a try as they really do need the business..i am not certain this will work however, as people are still uncertain as to asymptomatic people and many still wont wear masks,even though that is a proven preventative...
Peter Fuller 1
On the E190 - 2x2 seating, no middle seats - they’re blocking all the aisle seats, except for passengers traveling together. ( )

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