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Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport 'first' in the US to add PPE vending machines

Travelers flying into and out of Las Vegas who are in need of hand sanitiser or a face mask are in luck; the McCarran International Airport now has three personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines. Located near the Terminal 1 ticket counters and the Terminal 3 TSA checkpoint, the new PPE vending machines sell masks, gloves, wipes and hand sanitiser for travellers in need. McCarran International Airport claims it was the first airport to have such machines. Speaking to USA Today, an… ( Plus d'info...

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Robert Cowling 2
How much do they charge. I saw an advert on the box offering 'COVID SAFE MASKS' for $60!

Highway robbery!!!

But our local small batch distillery has been making hand sanitizer, which is AWESOME! Their whiskey isn't too smooth, but their sanitizer rocks!
indy2001 2
It's in the story..."Speaking to USA Today, an airport spokesperson confirmed that a three pack of face masks are selling for $7.50, while a reusable cloth mask is demanding a steep $14.50. Ten packs of alcohol wipes will cost $5.25 and a 50mL bottle of hand sanitizer will cost $4.25."
ADXbear 1
Smart.. hope the person set up contracts around country like here in Otlando MCO..
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 1
This is even better than UV cleaning robots.
mary susan watkins 1
since las vegas is planning on a "slow" reopening,having the hand sanitizer and masks available is a good idea...I would question how much these vending machines will require for can bet it wont be just $1.00..the airlines will be requiring passengers to have masks to fly,so those coming in will already have that,but maybe not gloves or even the hard to find hand sanitizer..will these machines be sponsored by individual companies,or will the city of las vegas be getting the money??
Michael Hawke 1
Since the price is in the third paragraph I’ll just assume you are commenting without actually reading the article. That is normally helpful.
bentwing60 1
Of course, Vegas is The place everybody knows is the center of of the immoral universe. Who else should be the vanguard charging you to 'stay safe' while they were fleecing you the whole weekend.

The problem with this world is not capitalism, it is ideology and morality, you pick the order. or feel free to add to it!

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