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Ranking Of World's Busiest Airports Shifts Due To Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the airline industry so much so that the ranking of the world's busiest airports is shifting. According to data provided by Flight Aware, Charlotte Douglas International ranks fourth and London Heathrow has been thrown from the top 25. ( Plus d'info...

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matt jensen 1
Cactus732 1
Charlotte is consistently in the top 10 busiest airports in the world.......when most of the normal airports above CLT are all but closed it’s not shocking that they would jump up the list
crbascott 3
Maybe the US, but top 10 in the world?

Do you have a ranking list that backs up this bold claim?
CRBASCOTT...if you have been following the news at all regarding travel,photos and stories have been done worldwide about domestic and international airports and of course the airlines flying in and out of them..the MAJORITY of these airports,if not closed completely,have reduced services to maybe one gate and boarding area because the airlines have cancelled flights and parked so many aircraft..why would someone whose job is to report on travel and airlines,need to post statistics already reported on by the media?
crbascott 2
Calm down MARY SUSAN WATKINS. Your rant is totally misdirected, insulting, and I believe you owe me an apology.

Please look closer at the thread and you'll see I was not replying to the OP's post but to @Cactus732. He made what I believe to be a false claim that CLT is consistently one of the 10 busiest airports in the worlds. I just asked for some evidence to back up his claim.

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