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United starts premium plus economy and kicks out existing passengers

United started selling premium plus economy seats. Passengers who were booked in what would be come theaw upgraded seats were kicked to the back of the plane e and separated from their party, and were. Ot able to get back together. ( Plus d'info...

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PSUAth thread of someone who United doesn't care about.
Roger Anderson 1
I think all airlines run into problems like this from time to time. I frequently fly with American and I've been booted from transcon T7 business class to crappy A321 regular first class a number of times, and of course there is no recourse as they consider it an equipment swap.
This wasnt equipment swap. The seats were reclassified. United then claimed the seats weren't available even though there were no other pax I. Those seats per the website. And united did nothing to regroup the family and several reps hung up on them
Roger Anderson 1
Let's call it a configuration change then as technically they are now selling a new class of service. I assume you get the full perks of premium economy now. I agree the handling of the situation wasn't thought out though, and it's sad their agents are hanging up on you. At least with American, I've got really good help when making changes in cases of swapped out aircraft.

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