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Boeing needs to 'get its [act] together': Ryanair chief

If even Michael O'Leary of all people says you've screwed up, you must have REALLY screwed up. ( More...

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Chris B 7
He's saying January next year before its back in the air? In other articles he's also talked about layoffs of flight crew due to the Max's unavailability.

Its going to be one of the most watched relaunches ever. They have to get it right. There is no hoping on a wing and a prayer on this one. Its a much more complex problem than the 787 battery scenario ever was.
Jakub Bialek 4
They should dump Boeing and get some Airbuses :/
DGR Rathborne 2
I have followed the fall out and the very serious financial hits that Airlines that , lets say , own but can't operate ,have been taking . In the largest and most established of Carriers , they may be able to Absorb the costs . The others operating as what are refered to as Budget Carriers are clearly up against the wall . It is a sad fact ,that i am expecting some Carriers to Fold due to lost revenue . As for getting passengers back on the Max , may be a lost cause . But i can't know what a fickle traveler will do . They simply may not be able to identify a Max from any other 737 . But those that can ? . When the day comes when the Max is deemed airworthy arrives , it's reputation amongst travellers may be so tainted , that Airlines may simply start to un-load them from their fleets instead of trying to re-brand them somehow . While my comments are placed on the Ryanair page , my observations are for all Carriers , and with much sympathy for Carriers facing a financial nightmare over the Max . In my 64 years , and coming from an Airline family , i have never witnessed anything like this . Penny for your thoughts ?.........DGR
Roy Talbot 3
Sorry but it should be considered to be a new aircraft and be certified as such
Cansojr 6
From an engineering viewpoint this aircraft has been grounded and may never fly because of the twitchy MCAS that has never worked well since inception. This is a dangerous non-airworthy substandard product from Boeing and the blind mice on their board of directors. This company is in serious trouble because the CEO is in
in a state of denial.
Ray Rousseau 1
Well said, love Karma.

[This comment was deleted.]

siriusloon 2
I agree but that will mean at least a couple of years before they resume flying for airlines.
Cansojr 1
Ray Rousseau 1
KARMA time for Boing, they shit on Bombardier C series without reasonable reason. Been in test flight a good part of my career, Boing cut corners for production over safety.
Voluntarily avoided flight safety design rules on critical systems for profit.
Shame on them
John Schryver 0
O'Leary never says anything without an agenda. All his "budget carrier" comments (pay for toilets etc.) are designed to get his airline on the front pages as free promotion and the media fall for it everytime. This latest one on Boeing will also have an agenda - negotiation advantage, price concessions, something like that. Noise.
ian mcdonell -2
Michael O'Leary's comment about Boeing is the classic pot calling the kettle black situation
siriusloon 1
Every time O'Leary gets himself in the news, I marvel at the fact that none of his employees or former employees has beat the living snot out of him. Yet, anyway.


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