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AP Interview: Airbus is ready for pilotless jets - are you?

The chief salesman for Airbus says his company already has the technology to fly passenger planes without pilots at all — and is working on winning over regulators and travelers to the idea. Christian Scherer also said in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday that Airbus hopes to be selling hybrid or electric passenger jets by around 2035. ( Plus d'info...

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dnorthern 9
Nope. I want. Someone on the flight deck who has skin in the game when things go sideways.
Kobe Hunte 7
No thanks. I like when I know the plane I am on is being controlled by a trained professional, not a computer.
bentwing60 3
Then you should thoroughly vet the airline of a third world country and its accident rate before you buy a ticket and board one of their aircraft because the Real pilot shortage is a thing. The Max accidents occurred with said airlines with relatively high accident rates and none occurred with operators in flag carrier ops. in US or Euro. countries operating the very same equipment! A Max. I am not defending Boeing, read my past posts on this issue, and maybe some from the beginning of this site. Preacher 1 and I had a pretty good rapport. Ask Joel. The fact remains that automation is as fraught with peril in the hands of those without the knowledge to
Know what is going on when it fails as the plain old airplane is with someone at the controls who doesn't know how to fly! Airbus just thought they invented the airplane that could be flown by an Ab Initio pilot without a thorough background in Airmanship. The dead people would beg to differ.
siriusloon -2
You conveniently neglect to consider the fact that many Western (or in your vernacular, "white") ex-pat pilots fly for those airlines. You also neglect to consider 9or include) the fact that many accidents and near-accidents have occurred with highly-trained Western pilots flying for first-world airlines. The fact that no MAX accidents had happened yet when they were grounded only means exactly that: the groundings may well have prevented accidents here, too, but we'll never know for sure either way.
bentwing60 2
The fact that none of those well qualified western crews HAD an accident in said Max equipment refutes your false flag of grounding the airplane prevented them from having one! "but we'll never know for sure either way". Your soapbox here is rewarded on occasion, but I fail to recognize the acclaim as an aviator! I don't remember bringing race into it. Oh, and look up the names of the deceased crews, didn't recognize any anglo/saxon names.
Mike Mohle 2
Nope. How many times has your autopilot/automation gone haywire in flight requiring a disconnect and manual correction(s) to maintain proper flight path/altitude?
If we aren't ready for driver-less cars, we sure as chit aren't ready for pilot-less planes. And, it needs to be said that there have been far too many instances of pilot incapacitations to even consider single pilot operations as a way around pilot shortages. The airlines need pilots, great, open a flight school and let candidates that meet the basic requirements train for free. What budding pilot wannabe is going to spend $30k or more for a job with a regional that doesn't pay enough to stay above the poverty level, but pay is another problem that needs to be addressed.
bbabis 1
The biggest problem with driverless cars are the cars with drivers in them that break laws and can do random things at anytime. If all cars were driverless it would be a much more efficient system. Planes will be even easier to adopt to autonomous control.
jbermo 2
What is the tally today? This century - How many commercial airplanes have crashed due to pilot incompetence and/or suicides versus those of software and/or mechanical failure. . . . Let us count. (note- I attribute the recent "Max" accidents as to both - software failure inclusive of pilot error).
jbermo 1
For starters / Bad pilots = Colgan Air, German Wings, Asiana 214, Sukhoi Superjet demo, Aeroflot 1492 . . . . Bad software = BA 38
ADXbear 2
Nope, ive already merged my travel to my Toyota Sienne ...1st class.
WeatherWise 1
I'm going to wait until robots are flying the planes. What could possibly go wrong with that?
bbabis 0
Pilotless planes are here to stay and will be the future norm. Cargo carriers will be first since boxes don’t care. Once the safety is shown, Pax transport will progress through single pilot and standby pilot before no pilot. Cabin crew will still be needed for hearding and conflict resolution purposes.

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