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sparkie624 2
Too little info, too early to speculate... Says Unknown circumstances... That leaves the door open to a lot of possibilities... they may not even be related in any way!
bbabis 1
Both may have been first flights coming out of maintenance. It looks like the one out of St. Louis may have made a test flight or returned for a problem before the final flight. Still, very little can be ruled out at this point. Condolences to the families and friends.
siriusloon -2
Maybe we can wait until the professional accident investigators find out what happened instead of all the amateurs chiming in with speculation and uninformed wild-ass guesses?

Why do so many people have to rush in to prove they know nothing? At least let the wreckage stop smoking and the funerals to be held.

That's right, three people died. If you just have to speculate, how about trying to imagine the pain their families and friends are dealing with while you sit behind your keyboard fat, dumb, and happy acting like you already know what went wrong.
that is the reason people post here, who are you to chastise others, calm down and maybe find another site in order to present your condemnation on. Or just chill!
linbb -2
You are so right and just like you comment are just trolls on here feeling the need to post something very dumb. Any person really into airplanes doesn't post such crap but waits until there is some finding. Anything else is exactly what he and I have said.
stacey gordon 0
Possible pressurization issue? Sounds like the pilot was unresponsive prior to crash.
stacey gordon 2
similar to this situation:

In the current situation they also report that the plane flew until out of gas (at least one of them)
indy2001 -1
The Indianapolis crash was immediately after takeoff, so pressurization can't be an issue there. Pressurization system failure is more likely in the second crash, although it did last long enough to get him to the top of descent point.
mike SUT 3
or he had a heart attack and died at the controls....or he was committing suicide and succeeded,...or he fell asleep at the controls and was a heavy sleeper ...or maybe he was actually hijacked and e hijacker didn't know how to disconnect he autopilot ....or maybe he had the FMC set up to FLL with 390 in the MCP and took a birdstrike shortly after takeoff knocking him unconscious and by then he was oxygen starved and passed away, meanwhile the aircraft flew all the way to FLL, and with no further legs in the FMC, it went to heading hold which was set to 090 whereupon he flew east until the AC ran out of many reasons......
anybody else??? C'mon there's got to be answer out there.
Bernie20910 13
Aliens. You should never rule out aliens.
linbb 3
Best response yet you get the gold star on this. Some of them are just dumb.
Yep, it was aliens.

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