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Passenger ejects from a Rafale fighter jet on takeoff

A passenger in the back seat of a Rafale fighter jet ejected shortly after takeoff in Saint-Dizier Air Force base, France. The fighter jet made an emergency landing with the broken canopy. The 60-year-old man, who actually is not an Air Force member, accidentally ejected himself from the cockpit of a Rafale fighter jet just after takeoff and fell on the runway. He was immediately hospitalized. His current state is not serious, but his back was injured. "He is now in a stable… ( Plus d'info...

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Highflyer1950 11
Some “kids” just have to touch everything they see!
bentwing60 8
What a feffin idiot, and there go the fam rides!
Cansojr 1
What does this button....KAAABLAAAM. We interrupt this broadcast because someone touched a no touch button.
Pete Schecter 5
Expensive day for someone...between the canopy, the seat, and replacing the front seaters flight suit (those stains are NEVER coming out). Bet it was a cool ride while it lasted... Note to self: if you feel the need to hang on to something tight, make sure it is not painted black and yellow.
bbabis 3
I'm sure he didn't know what he was grabbing. Probably a reflex grab from the g's of acceleration. Even though I briefed thoroughly and said never touch this, I once had a startled passenger grab the cyclic bar in an R-44 right at lift-off.
mark imfeld 2
Hmmm! Wonder what this lever is for!
Cansojr 1
ADXbear 1
Forgot in the brief to Never touch this handle... lol...
Norman West 1
Strange, He should have been briefed before the flight. And he is lucky, parachute might not have opened if it was really just after takeoff.
ToddBaldwin3 1
One would think he would have had a briefing. That particular seat is rated as 0/0 seat, meaning 0 altitude and 0 forward motion.
linbb -2
Duh you think he was not or is this just another troll comment? Of course he was that's part of someone getting a ride in one.

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