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Southwest sues mechanics union alleging deliberate slowdowns

Southwest sues mechanics union alleging deliberate slowdowns ( More...

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linbb 1
Good start on killing an airline by the mechanics as here we go again strike or work slow downs hurt only the passengers so why should the workers care? Because it could cause them the loss of there jobs.
Better an airworthy aircraft than dead pax, that does kill an airline
patrick baker 1
look to the failure of eastern airlines due to the mechanics madnessess and bring that up to date to the southwest workers. THe airline has grown to over 750 aircraft, covers much of the country, has high load factors, an image of a "happy band of workers", and yet can destroy itself from within, rotting out competetiveness and effeciences through the posture of more, more for us. THese workers should be shown the books, attend board meetings, so as to learn the lesser realities available for pay raises. The jobs they would save would be their own. Then apologize and get back to work


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