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Diversions, Delays and Abandonment: The 30-Hour Alaska Flight From Hell

What was supposed to be a simple transcontinental flight turned into more than 24 hours of hellish travel for Alaska Airlines passengers, including a diversion, backtracking and an overnight in an airport. (thepointsguy.com) Plus d'info...

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Jim T 1
I just wonder why they didn't just either overnight the crew in buf and give hotel vouchers there or continue the flight with the new aircraft that arrived to go on to LAX? Instead lets take them back and sit. It really seems like Alaska just made what was unpleasant situation a completely horrific event that will certainly cost whoever was mading the series of poor decisions a demotion to ramp or their job.
linbb -6
Well they bought the Airbus AC and didn't buy the better one Boeing. Oh well another how do you fix getting stranded. Not always an easy way out for the crew or airline.

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