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The Boeing 777 Surpasses The 2,000 Order Milestone

Boeing is celebrating a tremendous milestone in its 777 program, which has just surpassed 2,000 units ordered since its launch. The aircraft secured 40 net orders in 2017, and 51 in 2018. A total of 209 Triple Sevens have been sold over the last five years, highlighting significant demand for this sort of aircraft. As of the end of November 2018, the 777 won more orders in 2018 than each of the Airbus widebody family, being the A350, A330 and A380 alike. (airwaysmag.com) Plus d'info...

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thomas hess 3
I lived in Colorado Springs in the mid 90's when they were high altitude flight testing the 777 before certification. That was quite the sight to behold back then. In 2013, I was in Dubai and was able to see the Emirate's branded 1000th 777. That in and of itself is an amazing milestone! Hopefully one day I will able to see this 2000th bird, as well. Congrats to Boeing for an amazing and successful aircraft!
Ed Becker 2
Indeed a great milestone.
Boeing is the premier commercial, etc. aircraft company on the planet.
They're involved at essentially every level of creating the ultimate air etc. transportation machines.
What an incredible company with an incredible history and unlimite future.
Mruche 1
How I wish to ride on this beautiful piece...oh how I wish...

Congrats boeng..congrats
Duncan Mulholland 1
Congratulations to the 777 design team and to all who built this outstanding airplane.

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