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Volunteers trying to preserve St. Louis' TWA history

ST. LOUIS — Trans World Airlines is long gone from St. Louis. But there was a time when the airline had Lambert bustling with passengers. One of the last artifacts from TWA's glory days is about to get a new home. In North County, there are volunteers spending hours making sure the airlines legacy is not forgotten. ( Plus d'info...

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I do have to admit the laugh I get out of the local media making it all about St Louis but not really making alot of the fact that all the artifacts are being sent to KC. Not that it was doing much good as it was sitting in the AOB rotting.
sparkie624 0
I agree.... I work in that building where it is stored, and it is still setup in a full working order and is in very good shape however. TWA had a very large history around the world, with the article, did seem like one that should be in one area, but spread around. They did have a great many years of flying.
Larry Toler 0
Isn't this the building Trans States is using? If so, there was also a store near the cafeteria that sold old TWA and Ozark memorabilia. I did my recurrent training there. Of course we didn't have EMB145 or J41 or ATR simulators there. American was still using the 767 flight simulator they once had.

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