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American Airlines agent saves 2 girls from alleged human trafficking suspect

SACRAMENTO, California (KTRK) -- A man is accused of trying to lure two underage girls to New York with the promise of jobs in entertainment and modeling. But a quick-thinking American Airlines ticketing agent is being credited with keeping the girls safe after they were just one free flight away from meeting a suspected human trafficker. ( Plus d'info...

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mpbusdriver 6
See something, say something!
sharon bias 3
How many of us in our mis-spent youth didn't tell our parents at least once, "I'm going over to Suzies house for the night" and then went to a party or someplace else? What's really sad is the girls couldn't or didn't figure out that these were one-way tickets. That was an important clue that the ticket agent picked up on. I'm proud to say this happened in my town and we had a successful outcome.
Kris Durbin 4
How can anyone downvote this!?
Just press the thumbs down icon.
allench1 2
why would you downvote this, may help others by making us aware of this type of subduction to be aware of.
joel wiley 1
Maybe they don't like the poster. Maybe they're a pimp and don't like the attention.
Maybe something else.
Cade foster 1
Parents that would be so clueless of their daughters lives....
Parents be part of your children's lives and stop trusting in school and their friends to teach them right from wrong!

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