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Irma evacuations the most complicated aviation operation since 9/11, Air Canada says

Evacuating customers from areas in the path of the deadly Hurricane Irma has frustrated some passengers but Air Canada says it was perhaps the most complex manoeuvre since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. ( Plus d'info...

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Wayne Schuman 5
I have difficulty understanding these Canadian tourists demanding that Canadian Government send in aircraft to rescue them! They had several days notice that this hurricane was going to hit, so why didn't they get out ahead of it! Yes France & Netherlands sent aircraft in to rescue people, but they were primarily permanent residents who lost everything!

matt jensen 0
The UK sent a flotilla to the BVI and other islands to assist in repatriating their citizens and it's only right Canada does the same.

What I have a hard time understanding is why the USofA charges American citizens to do the same.
Wayne Schuman 4
Quite likely, the UK primarily rescued permanent residents! Any tourist who goes to these islands at the middle of hurricane season is doing it because it is a fraction of the price of the safer season! So suck it up, and don't complain that your home country should rescue you!!!
Robin Bryant 2
Everybody's bitchen.bitch bitch bitch. Get a life. Come down and spend a day or two in the middle of clean up.... so you can get your whining asses back down here quicker and enjoy it. Key Largo Resident.
1st off, it was not as simple as being able to get out of Irma's path before hand. My issue with Air Canada was not being able to talk with anyone who knew anything. Aside from the 95 people who somehow got on a list to get out of TCI on the plane that had brought Fortis workers down (I called and called and no one knew about the plane) AC simply went back to its regular schedule and didn't send a plane down until Sept 16.

I got on a WestJet flight on Sept 11. Air Canada should take note of this simple customer service tip used by WestJet. After the English/French prompt was "If you are in an area impacted by Hurricane Irma, press 1".

Yep, it's that simple.
Carl Labecki 2
I agree with many others. There was lots and lots of notice about Irma and plenty of time to leave before it arrived. Canadian tourists expect more than they ever deserve. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions or in this case the total lack thereof. My compliments go to AirCanada, Westjet, Sunwing, etc for an excellent job in very trying circumstances.

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