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Delta is Sending its Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet to Help People Escape Hurricane Irma

Delta's venerable fleet of Boeing 747-400 jumbo jets is set to enter retirement in a few months. But before they go, Delta is sending the Queen of the Skies on one final mission: help to evacuate people from Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma. ( Plus d'info...

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pdixonj 2
There's an additional 747 flight scheduled for Sept. 9th. #1424 DTW-MCO-DTW.
James Simms 2
Delta Will Get You There
3 Virgin B74s left Orlando for the UK in the last hour. Nice one Sir Richard!
wx1996 0
Does the 747 have the best cross wind capability in the fleet? Or is it the 757?
James Simms 0
DAL 2517 today is a 757-351
djames225 -7
People patting Delta on the back and for what??? "While the flight is not free, Delta has capped its tickets out of Florida at $399." WTH is so great about this???..another friggen airline gouging folks in a time of crisis!..
Kairho Carroll 4
Delta also donated at least a $million to both Florida and Texas.....
djames225 -2
American, Jet Blue, Westjet, Southwest, I could go on also donated and not just to Florida and Texas but to all areas affected..yet American and Jet Blue capped their ticket prices at $99.
I'm now sorry I even brought this gouging up..I wasn't bashing just Delta but all airlines who did nada when ticket prices went through the roof while Harvey and Irma were on the ground.
terry gersdorf 2
they waived their fees what more should they do??? Free flights????
djames225 1
What fees did they wave?...why cant anyone open their eyes instead of lambasting someone because they got ticked off at another airline charging higher than normal ticket prices??WTH is it American, Jet Blue and a slew of other airlines capped the ticket prices low because those folks were already under enough stress??? Check out how much it costs for a one way ticket MCO-DTW in a non crisis situation.
I give up!
dnorthern 3
One of those,eh? Did Geryhoud/trailways or megabus send extra buses? Did car rental companies send extra cars to FL?

You grouse like an insolent, immature teenager

And, BTW, I don't work for DAL.
djames225 -5
Maybe you should read the story Todd posted also..Im not "grouseing" like an immature teenager, I'm making an opinionated factual statement.
WTH would an on land company such as Greyhound or Avis car rental send extra down just to put more clog into an already congested roadway time you wish to insult someone ,who doesn't agree with your train of thought, think first.
dnorthern 0
Thank you for your agreement. I'll answer your question regarding "overland company clogging an already congested roadway system". For the same reason the airports and airspace were already congested.

When you make the comment "another friggin airline gouging" you ARE grousing like an insolent teen. You just fail to see that fact through you r hatred of DAL. Perhaps you should feel insulted give. You attitude
djames225 -3
What agreement?..I have no hatred of DAL and if you care to read articles both here and in other aviation forums, instead of swatting at others like an idiot, you would catch the reference towards the "another friggen airline gouging" time, read other articles and stop trying to compare an apple to an orange..WTH has congested space got to do with charging $300/pax more to people who are already at their wits end????
dnorthern -2
thank you once again for being a foolish dweb. You would be entertaining had you made a salient point. But you failed. No surprise.
djames225 -5
And you are nothing more than a troll..a troll who cannot spell, BTW, and loves showing how their stupidity can, once again, make them look intelligent to their peers...have a great life under that bridge!
dnorthern -1
Wow. You get bested and play the troll card And I appreciate your capture of my spelling errors. While you are grading my spelling errors you may wish to self grade your own grammar and punctuation efforts.

However, I am most amused by your resorting to insults that a grade schooler would consider hopelessly immature.
Edw Sanderson -1
You clowns sound like AOL teens
djames225 -1
Because I defended my statement, it makes me a clown?..I love it whem I get negative votes for making a valid point..sorry I said anything at all about airline "oh it's the algorithims" gouging!
Joe Meredith 0
You sound ungrateful. It's a service, not a charity. Damn liberals...
ToddBaldwin3 0
Give this story a read or a listen.
djames225 -2
Thanks for posting that story, Todd..yep "it's the software fault"...just backs up my point...amazing how Jet Blue and American capped their rates at $99.
ToddBaldwin3 -1
You are welcome. I was especially interested in the part where the pricing algorithms jacked up prices to over $3000.
Willie Wonka -4
Why can't the military organize a massive airlift evacuation from these crisis areas. They have the equipment, the flight crews and the practice in moving large groups on short notice.
paul trubits 4
Most of the military fly on commercial aircraft. Their days of evacuating people are long in the past.
terry gersdorf 0
really? what Wing are you with???? not only were reserve wings helping in Evac but some active units as well
Willie Wonka -7
To bad its "long in the past!" Our armed forces have and continue to assist/evacuate during times of crisis and conflict countless citizens from a multitude of countries around the world yet are unable to provide short term emergency evacuation within the borders of our own country at the time of a disaster. To me that doesn't seem right.
terry gersdorf -1
Again I have to ask where are you hearing this ??????
James Simms 4
Air National Guard C-130's did evacuate bedridden patients from Key West to Gadsden, AL last week; probably based on bed availability & location. Sure there were other flights, especially after seeing the mess of Harvey.
dnorthern 2
You have no clue do you you? Six million people in south Florida alone. There is not enough airspace nor runway capacity.
thank you dnorthern..this is a point many here have basically overlooked...
terry gersdorf 1
We still do!!! fly cargo in and self loading cargo out....
Scott Campbell -2
great, but Northwest bought these 47's - Delta had abandoned their 47's long ago.
I had not seen or read this story with regard to delta airlines..i did see wall to wall,dawn to dusk coverage on the cable networks with regard to the preparations, the storm itself and as of today, the aftermath in florida and the usual the national guard was enlisted,and any and all local groups were involved all over the state of florida..the media did report on the masses of humanity at airports,and the fact that a lot of those people were already ticketed for flights before the storm..the cruise lines had to get the ships out of ports, so they docked early and all of the thousands of "cruisers" were left a day or so early at the airports...thousands of people stayed and are still at,large shelters all over the state,and yes,thousands did stay in their homes as is easy to stand back and criticize the hows and whys of evacuating basically whole towns of people,but the local mayors and city government people did what they have done in the past in an area that is part of "hurricane central"..they did tell people where shelters were,how to get there,dangers of no power,storm surge and the carribbean the us government is working to evacuate american citizens on various islands..there is no way military aircraft could have possibly evacuated the entire state to other areas,and at that,many people did not wish to leave even under mandatory notice..have sympathy,empathy,and gratitude that it was not your home or your state that suffered with a monstrous storm that covered the entire state of florida as a cat3/4/5...

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