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Allegiant flight to Florida leaves passengers stranded at Pittsburgh airport

Passengers waiting to take an Allegiant flight to Punta Gorda, Florida on Sunday are not happy after having their flight delayed for several hours and then canceled altogether. Passengers who live close by were told to go home and those from out of town were advised to get a hotel room. ( Plus d'info...

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josh homer 2
Is 16 hours still the max duty time per FAR 121? Been many years since I was versed in FAR's.
linbb 2
They got exactly what they paid for poor service, cheep fare, worn out aircraft, how much better could it be? What else is to be expected?
Roy Hunte 2
Probably better off they got stranded.
Jack Carson 1
I agree.
patrick baker 1
What silly people Allegiant passengers must be: believing that the older, worn-out airliners will show up and depart on time, on the day scheduled, and dreaming of service levels better than what they paid for. Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier- all running crowded and uncomfortable flights catering to those who ought to take the bus or train instead,

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