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Ethiopian Airlines Orders Ten Additional A350-900 Aircraft

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest airline in Africa, has placed an order for 10 additional Airbus A350-900 aircraft, enabling further development of its fast expanding long-haul route network. Last June, Ethiopian Airlines became the first African carrier to operate the A350 when it took delivery of the first of 12 aircraft in order. Today the carrier operates a fleet of four A350s, two of which are on lease. Today’s order tops-up the Addis Ababa-based carrier’s fleet, enabling it to pursue its… ( Plus d'info...

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Mel Fish 2
A fraction of the cost of one of these aircraft spent on improving Addis Ababa airport infrastructure would greatly enhance the demand from those using it as a hub.
pilotjag -2
Posted long ago!
Roy Hunte -3
Stale news....
bentwing60 -4
How does a country with a 400 credit score buy ten aircraft worth more than their entire GDP?
pilotjag 6
Why don't you get your facts straight before you go ahead and insult a country's economy!
canuck44 4
Ethiopian is the most profitable airline in sub-Saharan Africa. Until the A-350 came along they were essentially an all Boeing and Bombardier airline. They have carved out a niche doing aircraft maintenance and have dedicated an impressive education system to train their brightest students to support that industry. The next nearest facilities available are in South Africa.
With this order, I would expect they will now widen their maintenance expertise beyond Boeing and Bombardier turboprops. They seldom do a single purchase in isolation.
pilotjag 1
Wow very well said!
They are offering business class to Cape Town better than half price of British Airways, but then everyone is 50%
cheaper than BA to Capetown from London, that's what a monopoly does for them!
From all I know Ethiopian is a well-run outfit with no government interference, and Ethiopia as a whole has improved lately, after many years of disastrous politics.
pilotjag 1
Agreed. Although the airline is government owned (100%), they don't play a role in the airline's aircraft orders.
But how does it happen that the government owns & takes no responsibility of its fleets??
pilotjag 1
And to add, the politics haven't gotten better. It's still somewhat of a disaster

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