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Locher Sarentino Airfield Landing Guide

Video: How to land at Locher Airfield in Sarentino, Italy. Not you average landing. ( Plus d'info...

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Todd Baldwin 3
Holy Moley.
rwtimmons 2
They need to mow. But that looks fun.
Jason Belanger 2
I coulnd't see the cables until the last minute.
Bob Harrington 2
I never saw the first set, even with the warning.
SorenTwin 1
And that's even AFTER you were informed that they were there! Very tough to see for sure.
J Risko 1
A real "tightener "
joel wiley 1
That reminds me, we haven't seen one of Guido Warnecke's videos lately.
swannie 0
That seems .... poorly designed.
joel wiley 1
Not sure what you feel is poorly designed. Clearly the winding mountain valley isn't optimally designed for a stable approach pattern. And who thought of hanging those cables there?

I'll bet it's more interesting in winter.

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